My Collection Of Haikus

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First Kiss

Stomach Fluttering

Butterflies I feel faint

I hope he likes me

Sex & Chocolate

I want it I need it

Hershey’s Kiss M&M’s

Better than sex no

Clothes Dryer

Spinning tumbling

Clothes hugging one another

Dryer stops socks gone


Fruits & dates baked in

I’m sorry nobody wants you

Better luck next year


Soft green neon lights

God paints the rear end of a bug

Just to see us smile


Strips of metallic

Hanging on our Christmas Trees

Glistening shining

Starry Night

Step outside look up

Twinkle twinkle little stars

God’s gift to us

Chilly Night

Christmas snow is falling

Children warm in bed

Rudolph’s nose is cold


Feast before your eyes

Tables filled with yummy food

Have some pumpkin pie


The chill of winter

Winds are blowing shut the door

Stay inside be warm


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