Exercise And Body Changes During Pregnancy

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Exercise and Body Changes During Pregnancy

The first thing that you can find when exercising during pregnancy-is-faster you 

run out of breath. With the baby growing inside you, your lung capacity is 

reduced. You will sometimes feel you are breathing very heavily. This is common. 

Your body will soon learn to adjust. Difficulty breathing will be more visible on 

the weight-bearing exercise, such as running rather than swimming, it would be 

more prominent during the last trimester.

Blood sugar levels will drop very quickly when you are pregnant. Try to bring a 

snack. Due to avoid fatigue, do not exercise on an empty stomach. As the pregnancy 

progresses, you will feel the energy when you have less time to exercise. You need 

to modify the exercise program to accommodate this reduction in energy levels.

You may also find that you are feeling stiff after exercise. This happens because 

of the increased accumulation of lactic acid and your respiratory system is less 

efficient during pregnancy. You can avoid this by gently stretching before and 

after exercise. You are more prone to injury and loss of balance due to pregnancy 

hormones loosen the ligaments and joints. Lower back pain can also occur. You will 

face a shifting center of gravity. So, you need to be careful to activities that 

require balance and coordination.

However, all these changes do not happen overnight. You will not suddenly have to 

deal with it as well. Changes appear gradually and you will learn to adjust from 

day to day. A change that will probably direct you see is you sweat more when 

exercising. Even when resting, a pregnant woman has a basal metabolic rate is 

higher than normal. He will feel warmer. So, when you start exercising, your body 

cools to send all the blood to the surface of the skin to keep you cooler. The 

more fit you are and the more efficient your cooling system, the more you sweat.

Regardless of fitness level, you have to be careful of excessive heating. It’s 

dangerous for you and your baby. “Critical temperature is above 38 degrees 

Celsius,” wrote Joan Butler in the Fit and Pregnant (Acorn, 1996, p. 43). Studies 

in animals showed that excessive heating can cause neural stem defects in the 

fetus. Your baby can not cool the din with sweat like you. So, be careful with hot 

water shower bath, sauna, jacuzzi, hot and humid weather, high fever and illness.

Dehydration and heat loss during exercise can occur more quickly during pregnancy 

and can affect fetal well-being. Excessive exercise can reduce blood supply, 

oxygen, and glucose from the womb to the working muscle. Moreover, it also can 

injure the spine. Make sure you drink before, during, and after exercise. Do not 

exercise hard for a long time. Be aware of body temperature and avoid excessive 


If you will exercise regularly, you should eat more. You not only have to eat a 

healthy and balanced diet to meet the metabolic needs of pregnancy, but you also 

need to eat to have enough energy to exercise. If the increase in body weight did 

not occur on an even keel, a little less sport and make sure you replace the 

nutrients that you spend during the exercise.

Finally, frequent urination may make you feel uncomfortable when exercising. Urine 

“leaking” and you can not control it. Do not worry, you do not wet the bed. This 

happens when you are pregnant. Exercise also stimulates the need to defecate. Wear 

pads are great and make sure you are exercising close to the bathroom.


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