Hypertensive Heart Disease

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Hypertensive heart disease, diabetes, and chronic renal

In addition to diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol, hypertension is a major 

risk factor for heart disease. Approximately 75% of hypertensive patients of heart 

disease. This condition is usually only realized when the patient is elderly, that 

is when the heart was ‘tired’ work to pump blood pressure. High blood pressure 

will lead to an enlarged left ventricle and accelerate the onset of 


Hypertension in diabetes mellitus

People with diabetes must control their blood sugar levels, because diabetes and 

hypertension are interrelated. Both diseases can strike together. If not treated 

promptly, the consequences are very dangerous, the risk of developing 

atherosclerosis (blood vessel walls become stiff and narrow). The new complication 

is likely to occur in the form of a heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

The incidence of hypertension in patients with diabetes mellitus 1.5-2 times 

higher than people without diabetes. In addition, most of the complications that 

accompany diabetes associated with hypertension, the figure ranges from 3575%. 

Risk of death from diabetes mellitus also increase if the person is also 

experiencing high blood pressure. Risk of complications of hypertension and 

diabetes mellitus can be lowered by increasing the consumption of healthy foods, 

doing regular physical activity, avoid alcohol, and smoking cessation.

Hypertension in chronic kidney disease

Hypertension is closely linked with kidney health. This disease is the major 

triggering factors of kidney disease and kidney failure. Vice versa, the blood 

pressure will increase to cause hypertension when impaired renal function. This 

condition is caused by damage to the organs through which the blood vessels caused 

by high blood pressure, one of which is the kidney. Due to severe, progressive 

renal failure in kidney function stops completely. At this late stage, patients on 

dialysis livelihood (dialysis) and kidney transplantation. The relationship of 

hypertension and kidney disease occurs when the condition is new hypertension is 

long enough. However, hypertensive patients should still be vigilant. Lowering 

blood pressure to below 130/80 mmHg or lower the target to be achieved. Was better 

if preventive action. You do this by implementing a healthy lifestyle through 

regular exercise, limiting salt intake, avoid alcohol, avoid smoking / tobacco, 

and maintain weight. Although there are no complaints, do not forget to perform 

regular blood pressure measurements.


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