Laurie Frick Residence in Texas

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A Modern Life Laurie Frick Residence- Next to Nature in Texas

Laurie Frick Resident is a modern residence which is set to close of nature and a result from the high appreciation of art which is located in Austin, Texas, USA. A modern life next to the nature is a dream for everyone in the world. The prominent feature of modern part is that most of the structural is comprised of a series of 16 steels with a metal-clad covered it. The combination of steel and a metal-clad is a modern part that has a strong and a high quality of material which is keeping for a long time from every weathers. The snow, the rain and the dry seasons can come whenever they want and it will not to disturb the modern strong objects. It is the specialty character of these materials.

Then, we are not only focusing on the modern side but also on the importance of living next to natural. In the first of your step in the hallway, you will feel the smooth of beautifully cement plaster color. The other nice thing is the bright color of tiger-wood wall which is completed the naturally feeling. A rare thing in a modern life is the openly ground that can be a water infiltration and a grass, flower and trees. On the other hand, the glamour of naturally feeling is the glazing white that can refresh our mind. Its means that natural and glamour can be mixed become a great impression view.

Night is a romantic time to relax and enjoy the silence. When the sun sets in the west, we can only find the darkness however, you needn’t worrying about the darkness in this residence. You can see the bright romantic light inside the house Laurie Frick Resident from the clear glass that is intentional set in every where. The light seen illuminates outside and enjoying the bright is a good choice while you need a peace. The detail panel of wood is seemed more unique that had ordered neatly. Really you will not find the situation in others place. Your night will be brightly in the darkness.

The unique entrance hallway absolutly spoils your foot and your eyes with a square shape and the little black river stones covered the right side.In the left side, is a green plants that can be touch by your hand when you are walked and it’ll give sense of happines. While walking on the hallway, you can also feel the sun light pass through the openly gray steel ceilling.

Helthy and fresh of mind are the needed, so that swimming can answer the needed. This swimming-pool is a part of this Laurie Frick resident style which is close of nature. Something that aroused our curiously is the neat openly ceilling and the gray cement plaster which is made nealed down the sight. Eventhough the sun light brightly, you will constant had protected by the trees. When you need to enjoy the clear water, just sit down and drink a glass of juice is also one of the choice to get the benefit of the swimming-pool environment.

Inside the room is an amazing long-corridor with a multifunction wooden wall which is colorful carpets covered the clean floor. Besides its function as a partition off it is also can be used as a book rack for your private library. It is also a space available for you to put some of the unique thing on the rack or hang on the painting on the wall. Crossing-legged is a good idea while reading some books. The lighting also bright enough from outside the glass wall. When the night comes, the lighting lamp is accessible that path along the ceilling.

As a surprise, behind the wooden wall is a peaceful bed-room with a white wall painted and a clean trass floor covered with carpet. The wooden partition off adorns the room and the wide door enables you to look outside the house and no body outside can see you. The glass also bath on the wall that is located on head of bed. It is a pleasant white bed for your rest time or in the relax time on your long day. This room is seem simple but it’s very special part from this house.

Ambient light in the studio and living room is provided by a series of large north facing monitors while the more private master suite is volumized in maple mill-work. It will help you to refresh your mind while you are busy with your work without left he room.

A clean green brightly simple bath-room is a special room to take a bath. In the morning, the sun light enter the room from the glass ceilling so that you needn’t a lamp in the morning and afternoon. It shall give a moning spirit before you start your activities. On the other hand, the stars lighting also can be seen in the night, thus it is a grafity time to take a shower or submereged in the bath up.

Finally, an amazing life is not just a dream. This residence available becomes your peace modern next to nature palace and your joyful life is your right.


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