Using Google Plus to Market Your Local Business

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Social media marketing for small businesses is a trend that is here to stay. There are now more local business marketing opportunities than ever before because of this fact. Google’s latest breakthrough in the social media world, Google+, presents quite a few interesting opportunities for you as a small business owner looking to increase your visibility and improve your webpage marketing results.

The first major marketing benefit brought on by the use of Google+ comes in the area of search engine optimization. This is most commonly referred to as SEO. It has been known for quite some time that social sharing plays a role in organic Google search results. If this is true with Facebook and Twitter shares, you can imagine how much of a role Google+ interactions will play in rankings.

This sharing and engagement focused online marketing strategy is not only beneficial for Google search listings but also for business searches on Google Maps and Google Places. Businesses that focus on marketing their establishment on Google+ will certainly see improved results from local business searches.

Your ability as a small business owner to connect with your potential and current customers on Google+ is another huge benefit. Social media marketing is all about being accessible and available to everyone. The easier it is for people to connect with you, the better your marketing campaigns and future sales will be.

This push to connect is done on Google+ by creating a brand page that showcases your business. This purpose of this should not be to just promote your products and services. You should focus solely on connecting with people, learning about their needs and sharing things that they may find interesting. A great feature on Google+ that can be used to connect deeply with potential and current customers is called a Hangout. A Hangout will allow you to hold an open forum type of discussion. The feedback and information that you gain from hosting a Hangout will be beneficial to your online marketing campaigns going forward.

Some people claim that these social media strategies can only work for big companies. The truth is that local business marketing on social networking websites such as Google+ can be very effective even for the smallest of establishments. Any small businesses that is not taking advantage of these webpage marketing opportunities are missing out. They present a unique opportunity to connect with customers while simultaneously building brand awareness and improving search rankings.


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