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Indian Astrology or Vastu Expert Bharat Raneja Provide you best of services in astrology or Vastu with an easy to use web based interface.  

Know the answers to your most important questions through Bharat Ranjeja’s 

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Following are the type of areas on which you could ask your questions:

Education, Marriage, Profession, Career, Family, Travel, Health, Child Birth/Education/Business/Financial and Other

In Vedas, JyotishSashtra is descrided as “third eye” in which there is an unification of all Tenses (Past, Present & Future).Therefore Jyotish may be regarded as ‘Astrology’, We have certain rules, Principles etc and each and every step taken is very much systematic so, It is a science.Art is a way of doing work with experience and dexterity, So astrology (Jyotish) is considered as an art because knowing about Past, Present & Future is also an art.”Jyotish” Astrology is something, which is increasable via sense and which camouflage itself in wombs of post and reflect the future of anyone.

The astrology field is so huge so vast that not only personal lives of every human beings but also whole universeincluding all planets, star etc are inundated. Fate and Destiny ore just results or effect of ominous or mascot incidents are spawned.Some very important parts of our astrology are as follows:

Horoscope (Kundli):Human life is like a ‘mirror’ (darpan), which isn’t visible to every normal person but it is visible only to’ Astrologers'(Jyotishi’s).All stars and planets have their own languages and this languages can only be understood by astrologers only. In short, after (viewing-listening-understanding) all actions gets over, astrologers introduced you from your past -present-feature. Therefore don’t always try to struggle with your problems alone but try to get relieved from your problems through Astrologers, Which is very easy and quick way so that you can proceed and then you are the one who deserves success, name, fame, everything. Horoscope is just symbol of your journey of life. but one and only one requirement needed is ‘astrology consultancy’ so that you get warned of coming problems and dangers and become careful; not only this but also informed yourself with present availing opportunities so that you can grab it at right time and make your life happy and prosperous.The only remedies used for problems i.e. worldly woes, suffering etc are as follows:-

Ayurvedas, Gem Therapy , Ratna Chikitsa, Mantras-Japs-Taps, Dhayan and Prayer

But all above remedies are fruitful at proper or perfect time.


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