What is The Best Antivirus Program?

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Having been in the profession for many years, you think you’ve seen everything, and nothing can surprise you. How true that is! What to do in this area are changing so rapidly, that is what can be done at once, is now null and void. On the one hand, the supercomputers of 16 bit processing is a big hit, but now we have several times the power in our cell phones. At a time when Norton Antivirus is the best security solution on the market, but now, when there are millions of viruses, just to keep Norton could not. It’s true that times are changing, as well as equipment and software we use. Let’s see.

Common logic would be to search for the best anti-virus program will be an easy task. “Just to find the largest database of virus”, some say. Although the size of the virus database is very important, is a small part of the whole picture, because there are many things to consider. However, for simplicity, we consider the two most important things to consider. (1) What is the age of computer anti-virus software before? (2) the context in which the equipment is used? Let’s start with the first question.

Why is the age of the computer appropriate?

The simple truth is that older computers do not have the power of new computers. The program, which works very well on the new machine, is slow to start scanning your computer. If the computer is stuck actually makes your computer more vulnerable because the program can not function effectively (not to mention how frustrating it is trying to use a computer) will be. Therefore the bottom line is that using an competent light weight (non bloated) antivirus program on an older computer is vital.

In what sense, the equipment is used?

Computers are used in many ways. Most of the time you have an average user of miles home from the mill, which makes a bit more to get access to the Internet and write an essay or two. They also have additional options such as a server with multiple terminals in a store. For home users, with an anti-virus program can work well, but also for enterprise servers, you need a higher level of protection against viruses. Other safety features such as a firewall is important because, in general, online business, in particular, hackers (many servers of the company to confidential client information that the pirates want to steal the store).

So what anti-virus software should I use?

So now comes the part that we recommend for antivirus software I’ve been waiting for. For older computers at home, I recommend Panda Cloud Antivirus. For a new or used equipment more reliable computer in a corporate environment, I recommend Comodo Internet Security. That’s why we recommend this anti-virus software, which will be included for their shortcomings.

Panda Cloud Antivirus: Good

Panda surprising for two reasons, lightweight (fast) the cloud and the air works. This program turns off the computer a lot, because all the hard work on servers in the cloud, not on the computer. And because the database is stored on servers in the cloud, I can not wait to download the updates, you get immediately. Of course, you should update the program, but there is no routine at all costs. This may not be the best database anti-virus, but the fact that I deleted a lot of viruses with this program, which not even see the “big” programs like Norton and McAfee wig.

Panda Cloud Antivirus: Poor

If you are struggling to make something negative about the program, which is a good sign for thought. But despite Panda Cloud just fantastic, as it is, has its flaws. The program maintains a small cache file database on your computer so you can work, if you lose your Internet connection. But the simple fact that thousands of new viruses are written every day. For this reason, all that it takes an hour does not currently have a team in danger. So if you have a nasty virus, you get an Internet connection can not be capable of the virus, without taking more advanced. With all that said, I can not say enough good things about Panda Cloud. It has a new life to many old cars that I’ve worked, and it goes without saying that my clients are always welcome!

Comodo Internet Security: The Good

When it comes to ensuring the protection of software, Comodo is almost as strong as it is. It has a database of virus, the best I’ve found so far, and replaces the Windows firewall is (I do not mean the useless Windows Firewall), the fire of his own system, firewall, and no no firewall. This child checks every executable file that has Internet access, and if it is not known, it locks the file, as it should continue. So if a virus tries to access the Internet, the carpet was ripped directly, so you can remove the virus before it spreads more on the computer. Another interesting feature of Comodo is a “sandbox” feature. If Comodo is blocking the program is not, you can send in a sandbox, you can still analyze Comodo. This gives Comodo the edge, as the analysis of unknown programs or files in a sandbox, as it allows the new virus is discovered in time. Another advantage is the ease of Comodo. Although it is a powerful program interface is very easy to use. In addition, the program easy to use from the trusted Comodo to add them to block future.

Comodo Internet Security: Poor

Panda Cloud say that there are very few bad things about Comodo. But no matter how good is that you will always have its drawbacks. Because Comodo does a great job of monitoring the system, which uses some system resources, so the older computers. The only thing that really Jangles nerves after a while, the constant “This program is not recognized, can we go from here?” Pop-up each time you run or install a new program. And because I’m in the computer field, I am constantly experimenting with new programs.


Panda Cloud Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security just fantastic although, there are weaknesses which are caught running programs such as Norton and McAfee with their tales between their legs. The benefits of these programs outweigh the disadvantages of 1250, if not more. Remember that times are changing, and possibly on the way from now on I will not recommend this program more. But now, it would become something else.


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