Drinking & Smoking

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Now a days it is really hard to see a person with clean habits, most of them having bad habits like drinks and smoke. As we know both of this habit is not good for our health, but still some persons using this habit to come out from their tension. It may give temporary relaxation to you, but you never escape from your problems by drinking alcohol and smoking the cigar, instead you will get health issues with this kind of unwanted habits.

Normally persons will take them in parties. In fact drinks and smoke playing an important role in parties. Some persons will take them in party places for status. Even some people who don’t have this kind of habit also take cigar and drinks in parties, because the other person will treat them silly if they don’t take this kind of items in the parties. Really this kind of attitude is wrong. 

It is our own wish to avoid such kind of things. Some people will take too much of drinks in the party and forget about them fully and do a lot of unwanted things which is giving troubles to them as well as others. This kind of people loosing their sense with the influence of drinks and don’t care about other persons and treat them silly with their activities. 

Party or celebration is a way to share our happiness, with this kind of activities the party function may turn as a sad event. We must avoid too much of drinks and cigars in parties and behave our self. We must keep certain manners while attending a public function to get an image and keep up our reputation among the society. 

Some people may think that drinks and smoke will give a good image to them. But they will spoil your image, if you get addicted with it. There is nothing wrong in taking things with limitation, but if it crosses the limits, we may face some unwanted issues in our life.

What is your opinion about this article? Do you think taking too much of drinks in parties will give unwanted problems to you? Are you interested in taking drinks without limit? Do you ever experienced this kind of incident in your life?


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