Mental Health For You

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Watch what you eat: As it is to computer; garbage in garbage out. So, it is to what you eat. The foods you eat play a major role in your entire fitness. Cut down your sugar intake and fatty foods. Instead, eat healthy foods like fish, vitamin supplements; etc. Good food increases your health and produces a balance in your mental health.

Plan your resting schedule: Rest is necessary for every individual. It is better to go early to bed and rise early. Practice sleeping at least seven to eight hours at night. By day time, having ten to thirty minutes nap is also good. But don’t sleep beyond thirty minutes for siesta. When reading, you can split it like reading thirty to forty-five minutes; and take a break of five minutes. It boosts your broad fitness.

Mental exercise: Whatever happens to the mind influence the body. Exercising the mind is very necessary. Feed your mind with healthy thoughts and feelings. When you eat health foods in combinations with intake of healthy thoughts; the resultant effect is very powerful. You will then have emotional and physical balance.

Be resilience: Your ability to regain balance mentally in any impediment calls for resilience. Be flexible. No matter the circumstance, maintain cool headedness. With calmness of mind you can recover easily from setbacks. Don’t be rigid. It stagnates. Flexibility helps to free your mental abilities. It can rouse you to adapt to new situation. Your mind conviction plays an important role in your daily living. So, it influences your mind.

Ability to enjoy life: Choose to enjoy life. Do away with stress lifestyle. Never allow worry to dorminate your mind. Go for recreational activities. Be flexible, avoid rigidity and allow happy thoughts to flow into your mind. Connect with others by surrounding yourself with inspiring people; classical books and stimulating  environment.

However, if you watch what you eat by being selective, have a systematic resting schedule, involve yourself in mental exercises; be resilience; and decide to enjoy life. You will be full of inner and bodily health. Remember, health is wealth! Act to be wealthy today!


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