What is Twitter All About?

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Twitter is something powerful. It’s a common view for people who do not understand the value of it. In the marketing world, Chris Brogan mentioned that, Twitter is a useful communication tool that allows twitter (you) to interact with people around the world in three different ways.

1.   Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly

2.   Send a short message to a specific person publicly

3.   Send a short message to a specific person privately

Twitter in another sense is also referred as a “micro-blogging” service. Which it means, you can post a short updates limited to 140 characters or fewer as a preview. The reason behind its limitation is due to making Twitter more user-friendly. Based on this reason, mobile phones and text messaging can easily preview for the latest status updates. Users are able to receive instant updates, short and concise information from many people. Or the other way, in a sense, you are able to update your own followers.

Twitters contain a few important keywords that you need to know. For example:

1.   Follow

2.   Follow Back

3.   Follower

4.   Update

5.   @Reply

6.   Message

7.   Retweet

These are the few things you can play around with. Twiter is a long term relationship building. There is no shortcut but time to build follower and tweeting back. It is a good strategy for business building especially relationship maintenance between the followers who follows your tweets.

Twitter can be used for several reasons. For example, develop and promote your brand. For example, promoting a product. Besides that, it is also to good to get feedback from customers from the products that you have been promoting. This is a good opportunity to interact with your customers. Other than that, you can track what people are saying about your company and brand.

Also, for bloggers, some have been using for create buzz around and upcoming events or gathering. Thus, for twitter, when you have a purpose for it, eventually, it helps in business growing by promoting its contain, blog post or the latest songs. Eventually, it develops direct relationship with bloggers and journalist for potential public relation placement. Hence, it automatically generate sales which able to lead to your business.

Following people and reviewing their tweets is common, but during the building of the business, there must be a two-way conversation. It is a necessity to have people to follow you back and view your tweets. Therefore, before anything else, having a full profile set up is important. First impression always give away for people to either follow your or leave you. If you follow someone who does not know you, you need to show sufficient information of yourself or the business you are promoting or all the information that they need to know. If there is not much of the contain which is useful, naturally it would be pointless to follow. Instead, it would just be a waste of time.

Therefore, Twitter is something interesting. Play with it and you will gain a network once people start to follow. 


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