Smiling to The Bank With Twitter

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Smiling to the bank with twitter

    Social media outfits      has  become   so   numerous    this days   that one cannot be able  to count  all  of them  with  the fingers of  the two hands , some are known by only  few people   while  others    are   very popular, One of the most popular   ones  are twitter, Facebook   and   YouTube  .  At the last count, millions of people   has become members of    twitter and millions   are still about to join, in fact   it   is    going viral.

It is impossible to explain   twitter     without   explaining the meaning of tweets     , simply it   means   witty words     written      in      few    sentences.      One of   the   beauties    of    twitter  is that   at the time of signup   you will be asked to follow   some   important personalities       and organizations of your choice from different genres   and interests    , to    get important updates from them in the form of tweets   

Many   individuals    has been hauled    unto the coal because of there       tweets    in   twitter  , this   is because   this   one word   tweets       may mean    different   things to different   people and only   the writer    knows     exactly   what   they have    in mind.   Sometimes,      innocent     tweets   are   blown out of proportion   contrary    to what the   tweet    intended   . Bearing  in  mind that once the tweet   is  out  into the  public domain  it cannot  be taken back , people should  sleep over what they    intend to   tweet    to see if  it  does not    offend  some  sensibilities      ;   this  days  there are so many sensibilities that  the best way not offend any is  not to tweet  anything  .  Be that as it  may , one should  be careful about what one tweets .

People  use     twitter for different  reason s , some go to learn what there   favorite celebrities  are  getting up to , some  go there  to make   new friends ,why  some others     go there  to market  there  products and  services. Whatever   your mission may be    , there   are strict rules that must be adhered to, especially   indiscriminate    release   of ugly   looking   links: even pretty   ones for that matter.

  One friend of mine  said that twitter    is for the big boys ,that’s his own personal  opinion    :  it seems  companies   and   organizations  are thinking  along  the same line .   At    the    last    count    all the major companies  that are worth  there  weight in gold     keeps and maintains  a  twitter   page  where there customers  are  alerted     about   new products  and services   

. Most  companies are too busy   to employ someone on full  time bases to manage there twitter page ; after all  it is part-time  ,it   will   also   save them  a whole lot of money  to  offer twitter jobs  on a part-time  bases  .  The    major line of duty for this twitter job   will       be to    survey the   interest       of    customers   and reply   to there     tweets   while at the   same    time     tweeting   about new products and promotions. This is why    twitter jobs   are offered   to    people who enjoy    tweeting   ,who   will spend just a  few hour s  of there  time  a  day  tweeting  away ,catching there  fun and earning   money in the process.    It    is   just    like someone     paying   you   to   watch your     favorite    soccer team in   action   , only   for you to analyze the match   later.   For    people who want to  earn   passive income in the comfort of there homes,  tweeting   offers   the best   option.


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