Teaching Disipline To Kids

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It is really a challenging task to raise a kid in a good manner. Now a days technology is very improved and kids get addicted with new tech items and spending more time with it. This new tech items having both pros and cons depends up on the user. If our kid use it in a good manner, they will get a lot of benefits with it and vice versa. We must teach them to use the technology items in a good manner.

As a parent, we have lot of responsibilities in our kids growth. We are the persons whoever get good or bad image with our kids activities. If our kid is good and doing good things, we will get good image and getting bad image for their wrong activities. Since parents playing an important role in kids growth. 

If our kid did any wrong thing, surely we (parents) will get a bad name based on their activity and people will blame us for our guidance. We must be kind and deal our kid in a friendly manner to teach discipline to them. If we force our kid, they will hate us and build a hatred with parents. We must be careful in this sort.

Friends also playing an important role in our kids activities, we must know and watch about our kids friends and guide our kids to make friendship with good persons. Bad friends will turn our kid in a bad way.

Better to be alone than in a bad company..

Teach this moral to your kid from the childhood. They will keep distance from the bad persons. Tell them that they don’t get any benefits by making friendship with criminals and wrong persons and this kind of activity will spoil their futures, if we teach the things to them in a friendly manner with example stories, surely they will follow our words and disciplined with our activities. As parent is the role model to the kid, so we must be discipline to teach it to our kids.

What are your ways to teach discipline to your kids? Do you think we can guide our kids in friendly manner by telling morals and good stories to them? Do you have any experience in this sort?


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