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I have a couple of tips for you to use if you want to earn some more money.

First of all… make an e-mail account only for this purpose. When signing up to a lot of money-making sites you will get a lot of email so it is nice to have it in a special mail account.
I use because I have plenty of space and it is online, so I can log in where ever I am 🙂

Now join a site where you earn money when you find referrals. The more levels the better.

When you have found the site you want to make money start finding your referrals.
I have two suggestions for you.

Join a swapping forum.

At this forum you swap referral links. When you join you go to the forum “I want Signups”. Here you can earn referrals by signing up to other members sites. You pick out the sites you would like to join and post your wishes… The more sites you sign up to, the more referrals you will earn. If you sign up to 100 sites you will get 70 1st level signups to your referral link. The ones, that signs up to your referral link, has now earned signups for them self… Now they will get signups. Probably as your level two. So it does pay to be a member at these swapping forums. The admin makes sure that everyone gets what they earn.

Another way to get new referrals is to go to Here you earn money for posting links and you earn money for clicking links. So a lot of people will visit your link when you post. If you are not yet a member at The ask for a referral link to the site at a swapping forum, then you have already earned your first 70% referrals at the swapping forum.

Good luck with your money making 🙂


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