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I have been a member for Furl, a social bookmarking website since year 2008. I have not been logging into Furl frequently because the traffic generated by this social bookmarking website is comparatively low. When I logged on to Furl last month (March 2009), there was a message stating that Furl has became part of Diigo.

I was not surprise when I got this news from Furl’s website because Furl has always been the backwater in the social bookmarking field and I personally felt that the new link submission page seems to be not very user friendly and it is quite tedious to include new tags. Well, it looks like this marked the end of Furl and the beginning of Diigo. I have not heard of this social bookmarking website before I got this information from Furl. When I logged on to Diigo, it is quite attractive and easy to use. It has features like adding friends and sharing knowledges with communities and groups.

For those Furl members who are worried that all their bookmarks will be gone, here is the good news – you are able to export all your Furl bookmarks to Diigo with this direct export link.

Comparatively, Diigo gives me a more innovative feeling. The best part of this social bookmarking website is that it is able to import bookmarks from Del.iciou.us, the social bookmarking powerhouse. This is good in terms of managing your links to your websites, blogs and articles as all you need to do is add them to Del.icio.us and import them into the rest of the social bookmarking websites.

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