Quarrels in Facebook

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Facebook is the nice place to communicate and socialize. But some persons using this site in a wrong way and share all their personal events, anger, tensions and worries in it. They use the status update feature for unwanted things. They update status while they are anger with some of their friends or partner and use unwanted words to blame them, after getting compromised they will change their status. Surely the person whoever involved in this kind of activities must give up it. It is not a good thing to do in a public place like facebook.

Since fb is used by lot of people around world and we must avoid quarreling with other members like our friends or family persons in our fb account publicly. Recently i saw a person have a great fight with his wife in facebook. In fact they have some family issues and the person updated it in the status update and most of his friends blamed his wife for this problem. His wife read all the comments and placed her reply to all of his friends by giving the reason for the quarrel briefly, with her activities every one have the ability to read about their family issue. 

After her comment her hubby placed his comment and some of his friends like his comment and some of her friends like the wife’s comment. After some time, both the  hubby and wife’s friends started their quarrels with their comments and updates. Really i wonder about this gang fight, a simple house fight turned as a group fight in facebook with this unwanted updates.

In facebook we have our own rights to update our status and write whatever we want, but this kind of unwanted writing and fighting activities don’t give any benefits to us and it will damage our image among our friends and other persons in facebook. Surely we must avoid this kind of quarreling activity in a social site in public manner. By this way, we share our personal fight with others and allow others to enter in to our family problems.

What do you think about this issue? Do you ever see a couples whoever fight using their facebook account? What will you do if you face this kind of couples in fb? Do you try to compromise them?


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