Misspelling Name in Certificates

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Certificate playing an important role in our life. Each and every certificate is useful for us in various sort, we will face a lot of unwanted issues if the name is misspelled in the certificate, we are in need to change it correctly to use the certificate. 

Some people misspell the name will entering in the application due to some tensions and worries. But we must avoid this kind of activities and cross check the important application twice or thrice before submitting it, because this kind of misspelling activities will give a lot of problems to us and we don’t get the benefits from the certificate until correcting the name.

Some times we face some issues due to the official staff’s carelessness. We fill the application properly and submit it in a good way, but the staff may do some mistakes due to their problems. This kind of mistakes also gives a lot of struggles to us and we are in need to change the name correctly in the certificate.

My wife’s name is misspelled while getting the birth certificate of my son, i struggled a lot to correct the name by visiting the Taluk office for a lot of time. Similarly we are in need to change our son’s name based on the numerology, as my parents are interested in numerology and they added one more letter to my son’s name, for this issue i visited the Taluk office again, but they ignored our request and my son’s name remain same with out the numerology modification. 

Some people change their name based on Astrology and numerology and try to change the name in the certificate. It is not an easy process, we must have a lot of patience to change the name in the certificate. We must avoid carelessness while filling the application and give some extra care and spell the names and other things correctly to avoid corrections in the future.

What do you think about this issue? Do you ever faced this kind of misspelling issues in your life? Are you give extra attention while filling the application and other important things? What do you think about the person whoever misspelled their name in the certificates?


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