Canadair Bombadier D’eau – Online Game Review

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waterplane.jpgGuessing by the name of the game, Uzinagaz may be a French Canadian developer, but I don’t know much about any other language other than my own.  Canadair takes you down firefighter lane as you fly a small water plane in hopes of putting out land fires.

The graphics are relatively simple, but there are a lot of them.  There are houses, trees, birds, water, grass, etc., all of which will destroy your weak little plane if you fly into them.  The plane is pretty well done.  It has a slight animation when you change speeds or altitudes, or when you disperse water.

The sounds are basic as well.  A techno-type beat is played at the intro (which I assume gives the game instructions in French).  After that, it’s mainly just the plane’s engines, or the sound of water or crashing.

The game play is rather tricky in this one, and it might seem impossible at first, but don’t give up until you’ve at least succeeded in scooping up the water.  Left will decelerate, Right will accelerate, Up will lower your plane, and Down will raise it.  Space will release water from your reserves.  When you first play the game, the hardest part is filling your reserve tank with water.  You need to slow your plane down so that the speedometer is in the blue, then slowly guide your plane down so that the reserve tank will slightly enter the water.  You will see your reserve meter rise.  When you get enough water in your reserve, head back up before you hit land and be prepared to douse a fire.  Watch out for an occasional flock of birds.  Even though you’re in a large metal speed vessel, these birds will destroy it.  Use the SPACEBAR to drop water on the fires.

In my attempts to play this game properly, I have still been unsuccessful at putting out a fire.  It already took me long enough to learn how to collect the water without crashing.  All in all, the game is still decent and runs smooth.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Arcade / Flight

Micke’s Rating: mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickehalf.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gif


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