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Community journalism is gaining popularity on the Internet of late. GroundReport is my favorite because not only can you share your local news with the World, you are being paid for doing that.

GroundReport is essentially founded by former UN reporter Rachel Sterne in the year 2006. The mission of this “get paid to write” website is to democratize the media. The difference between GroundReport and the conventional media or news organization is that GroundReport seems to have no overhead and ‘reporters’ who are members like us around the world are already on the ground bringing forth the latest and the most exclusive news and pictures.

You are allowed to write practically anything that is legal and factual. The news in your demographic position would be the best to write on as many will be able to know what is happening at other parts of the world. Community Journalism is therefore the most efficient and effective. This is all thanks to the Internet that eliminate the barrier of accessibility. You are also able to share your views and opinions in the form of written report on World News which is also a good way to share the sentiments of people from other demographic position.

In the aspect of payment, there is no minimum payout amount and the amount earned will be credited into your PayPal account the following month. This is an advertisement revenue sharing website which means the more page views your articles bring, the more you will earn.

As compared to other get paid to write websites, GroundReport on its own are able to bring in numerous traffic which will in a way benefit your articles in terms of page views.

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