Learning the Art of Forgiveness

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It is in the Bible that a brother should wrong one for seventy times seven before one should say he or she would not forgive that erring brother/sister of his/her trespasses. Unbelievably enough, people find it very difficult to forgive even the slightest of slights.

I have continued to ask questions on why adults find it difficult to replicate the state of their hearts when they were much younger. Perhaps that was the reason why Jesus told us in the Bible that it will be difficult for us to make heaven except we are like children. Hmmm! Can you imagine a situation where a blood brother didn’t attend his younger brother’s wedding simply because the younger brother didn’t furnish him with wedding invitation card? This was to say the least absurd!

A sister who came back from her husband’s house came back to her father’s compound and realized that the fat aunty with her father was the one that caned her when she was a teenager many years ago and summarily refused to greet her aunty. Waoh! Odd one might say but it is truthful.

Forgiveness is now a very rare commodity to find in the market of human relationships in this world of cheap hatred and bickering.

What do we have to do to get this heart that forgives fast as it forgets the issue involved? It is very easy. Simply go on your knees and pray God to bless you with the spirit of forgiveness so that you will live your life to the fullest without bitterness and hatred turning your life into hell on earth.


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