Advice For Working Moms

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Advice for Working Moms

It is my understanding that Moms across America are living a double life. This is validated by the US Census report that 64% of mothers with children under six work full or part-time. America has over 10.1 million women-owned businesses; some of these are sure to be moms. This, coupled with the new trend that employers are sending employees home to work, the term “stay-at-home mom” has a new meaning.

Being a working mom is tough. You have kids to juggle, meals to make, meetings to attend, carpools… do I need to go on? You know, you get the drill.

Today I would like to suggest that you re-think how you work from home. Over the past several months I have started to research tips and techniques to make working from home easier.

1. Schedule Your Time

Make sure you schedule all of your important weekly events; work time, kids time, chores – even dates with your spouse.

2. Created a Dedicated Home Work Location

This space should be in a place where you can concentrate – whether for focused work or phone calls – and should not be in the middle of your living room or another place where your child(ren) are apt to want to be during the course of your scheduled work time if they are also at home.

3. Develop a Mobile Office

Put together a travel office that can go with you when you go to the doctor’s office or a kid’s event where you are sitting for a select amount of time (swim lessons, music lessons, visits to the library, etc.).

4. Find a Virtual Work Location

Look for a place you can use to get away from the house and focus on work, if concentrating at home is an issue for you. This could include a booth at nearby restaurant, a table at your local Starbucks, or if those won’t work for you, you could rent space by the hour or the day at a nearby virtual office local or co-working facility. Make certain it is a place that is on your daily route, though – possibly near your home or on your way to and from your child’s school – where you can go in and have undivided work time.

Hopefully these tips will help you… or a working mom you love.

If you have a minute in your busy schedule, it would be great to hear from the working moms out there and how they organize their work life.

– Nathan Jansch


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