Methods To Measure Body Fat

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Too much body fat has been considered as the culprit in most deadly diseases currently being fought in so many medical institutions. This has become one of the main reasons people have become rather keen and careful in ensuring that they do not have excessive fats in their bodies. Such has given rise to gadgets and products readily available in the market that would aid in measuring body fats. These are tools that you can invest in, if you are especially conscious of your body fat. They would also help you monitor your lifestyle and make the necessary changes as they are likely to indicate something may be wrong.

One of the known items that can help you do preliminary body fat measurement is the skin fold caliper. It is like a pair of cooking tongs, except that there is a ruled measuring line in between the calipers. The skin fold caliper is used by gathering with your fingers a bit of your skin in between the calipers and reading off the ruled measurements. The skin fold method that uses this kind of caliper is deemed to give dependable and accurate results. It also does not cost too much even if done repeatedly. However, this method is suggested to be done with a medical professional. Also, you need to use the same amount of skin on the same side of your body for more accuracy.

You can also make use of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) method. This makes use of a special set of scales that measure how much is your body’s capability to resist electrical current. The assumption is that the more fats you have in your body, the more it resists the current.  However, the BIA method is not considered to be as accurate as the skin fold calipers because it is also quite dependent on the amount of water there is in your body.

Finally, if you want to undergo a method that is very much accurate, you can go through the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry—or simply, DEXA—scan. It is like an x-ray scan but what it determines is the amount of fat and how it is distributed throughout your body. This method is a little expensive though but it can give the desired accurate result.

Engaging in constant body fat measurement can do its wonders, truly. So you have to be diligent in this activity lest you want to reap more health problems in the future.


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