A Guide to Sms Gateway Provider in India

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Communication and marketing are two essential elements of any organization. Without these fundamental components, businesses would fail miserably and quickly. Telephony, outdoor and indoor advertisements, promotional products, tradeshows are some of the subsets which help establish a business and brand.

While some of the business tasks are accomplished using the above mentioned avenues, there are others which have been gradually replaced by mobile technology. One of the powerful features of this wireless technology is SMS or short message service which allows people to communicate in quick time. Of course, when sent from a native device this feature does lack in features, which is suitably compensated by one of its subsets called bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a process of sending messages to a large number or people, groups or individuals. Group SMS is a fantastic option for the following tasks.

1. It is an amazing communication tool that allows managers to co-ordinate with team members; send messages to employees within the company or even branch offices, build strong relationship with customers, suppliers and dealers.

2. Externally it is used to establish brand and business.

Groups can be categorized as business associates, colleagues, friends and family making it easier to compose and dispatch messages. This form of communication saves time, money and increases the efficiency of the staff. Unlike emails, which needs people to carry email enabled devices, laptops or desktop computer, an SMS is independent of all such restraints. It is an effective tool which is time sensitive and reliable.

As mentioned above, bulk SMS is a sibling of SMS that is used for marketing products and services. Today, this direct marketing tool has become a world wide phenomenon. Bulk SMS Provider in India offers state of the art bulk SMS software with the following capabilities.

1.  This software provides an array of SMS options such as instant SMS, group SMS and bulk SMS. Each of these options has its own advantages.

2. Bulk SMS is generally used for marketing chores which can be personalized with first names, to make it even more attractive.

3. Marketing campaigns can be scheduled with this software, which means it can be coined with tradeshows, launch of product or other advertising strategies.

4. It actually lets you monitor and track your campaigns, which is a great way to calculate ROI or return on investment.

Bulk SMS software is available in many options, such as; desktop application, website integrated or in the form of plug-in which can be embedded in email client or excel spreadsheet.

SMS Gateway Provider in India typically enters into an agreement with various network operators to exploit their SMS gateways. SMS gateway is an essential component of any bulk SMS software.

Apart from being a cost effective marketing solution, bulk SMS is also used for generating revenues. Want people to download wallpapers, ring tones, applications etc? Then use bulk SMS to achieve your goal. Some of the other bulk SMS features allow marketers to establish brands, generate leads and provide interactive services to customers; via short and long codes.

Does all this excite you? Then call up one of the professional SMS gateway provider today.


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