Sheep Pool – Online Game Review

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sheeppool.jpgKinelco and Mohsye are two well-known developers who put together this cute little game which mixes sheep herding  and billiards to make Sheep Pool.  You play as Frisbee Dog and your task is to herd each sheep into its respective hole in order from 1 to 6 or they will explode.

The graphics for this game are simple, but cute.  Nothing extraordinary was necessary.  The dog and sheep are animated in 8 directions.  A number from 1 to 6 is located above each sheep to determine which one you are to herd first.  The playing field is a conventional 6-hole pool table.

The sounds are minimal, but give the game all that it needs to play.  Frisbee Dog barks and the sheep bleat.  If you lose, the remaining sheep will explode.  Nothing fancy or unnecessarily loud.

Game play is pretty good but difficult without practice.  All you basically use is the mouse, but you can change the quality of the screen with Q or nuke the sheep with SPACE.  The further the mouse cursor is from Frisbee Dog, the faster he will run to it.  The sheep will always walk away from Frisbee Dog, so you have to learn to move Frisbee  Dog quickly and correctly to maneuver the proper sheep into its corresponding hole.  They must be placed in order from 1 to 6.  If time runs out or the wrong sheep is sunk first, the remaining sheep will explode and the game is over.

I’ve mentioned before that sometimes little is better.  This game is no exception.  It doesn’t need a whole lot or it wouldn’t be as cute.  Compared to other games developed by Kinelco and Mohsye, this one is quite simple all around, but it still packs a considerable difficulty level to learn correctly.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports / Arcade

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