How to Make a Century Tuna Hot And Spicy Omelet

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Recession hits. You are on a shoe-string budget. You might not have enough cash but you have canned goods stashed inside the cupboard. Eggs. You have eggs on the chiller. I mean who can live without eggs? So it’s time to prepare some sort of meal and suddenly you find yourself at a loss about what to prepare. Well with a little creativity and ingenuity you can make every ingredient in your kitchen work. So here’s something I usually prepare when I can’t think of any good thing to eat. Inevitably it leads me to canned hot and spicy tuna in flakes.. and of course, eggs!!

Here’s something you can do with your eggs and canned tuna that will turn them into a hearty, satisfying meal.

Here are the ingredients that you are going to need.

2 fresh eggs

1 hot and spicy flakes in oil tuna

some parmesan cheese

some dried basil (mccormick is good and cheap)

salt and pepper

Here is how it has to be done.

1. Drain out the liquid from the tuna can. Save the liquid (if you are eating rice with this, if not just drain it off the sink). On a heated non-stick pan, pour the drained tuna and let it roast for a while until some flakes turn brown, stirring it occasionnaly to avoid burning.

2. On a bowl, beat eggs. Add salt and pepper to taste, parmesan cheese and dried basil. Beat until well mixed.

3. When flakes are satisfactoraly brown, add some butter, or oil and immediately pour eggs on pan.

4. Put in low heat and let eggs cook.

5. Flip side of omelet to cover the other side.

6. Remove from pan.

This recipe is good for one person. Enjoy!  


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