A Review of Silvia's Abduction by Julie Sideris

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    This is a review of the book Silvia’s Abduction the first book in the Saorinan Chronicles by Julie Sideris.  In the book Silvia’s Abduction there is a young woman named Silvia who works hard to take care of her four younger brothers after their parents died.  She has done well for the past three years.  One day at her work she meets two strange men, Hagi and Raja.  Shortly after meeting them she starts to feel like she’s being followed.  Eventually Hagi asks her out on a date.  At first she refuses but she eventually folds after her friend and brothers conspire against her.  As they gradually get to know each other she feels more and more like she’s being watched.  One day she and three of her brothers disappear.  With the one remaining brother, Raja, and Silvia’s best friend Jennifer, Hagi starts the search for them.  It turns out he and Raja are aliens.  He manages to find out that someone from his planet has taken Silvia and her brothers.  After arriving his home planet they find out that there are certain hoops that Hagi and Raja will have to jump through if they want to get her and her brothers back.  The situation doesn’t look good.  Will he save her or will she have to find her own way out?  To find out you’ll have to read the book to find out.  This book is the first book this author has written.  Her grammar does not appear to be bad, but then mine probably isn’t the greatest either.  I laughed at some of the antics of the characters. She also takes to a world that has not been seen before.  At least I’ve never read of a world that looked like this one.  I would suggest this book for teen girls, but adult women may enjoy it as well.  The story is good overall.  It is a short story that I read in two and a half hours.  It is available for the Kindle for $.99.  Not a bad price to take a chance on this new author.  She will have a second book in this series available in winter of 2012.  Reviews, questions, and comments are welcome.


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