A Review of The Book Just One Drop Book 3 in The Grey Wolves Series By: Quinn Loftis

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     In the book Just One Drop the third book in the Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis it picks up where the second book leaves off.  Jennifer has just found out that she has a very small amount of werewolf blood in her.  Therefore she and Decebel can hook up.  After learning this she has not seen Decebel for most of the past three months she has been staying at Jacques place in Romania.  She gets mad and acts up since he is obviously avoiding her.  So she makes a scene at a local bar that  is very funny and nearly a repeat of the hospital room incident in the second book.  Sally and Jacque try to support her throughout her difficulties with Decebel.  Decebel has his reasons for staying away from Jennifer.  Moving on some local packs and Jacque’s father’s pack in America invite the Romanian pack to a festival that lets wolves from different packs meet each other so that true mates can be found.  Although reluctant Vasile agrees to go the party.  One condition is that all adult non mated females and males must attend.  This means that Jennifer must go as well and Decebel doesn’t like it.  Although it rather obvious they are mates there are no other signs that they are mates than that they are drawn to each other.  This isn’t enough to verify what everyone thinks.  While they are at this party tensions rise between Jennifer and Decebel.  Not all of the packs came to have fun, one of them has a vendetta against the Romanian pack.  When something happens to the pack Sally finds out something about herself that is pretty cool.  No she’s not a werewolf too.  She’s something else entirely.  Overall Quinn Loftis continues to deliver in this newest addtion to this series.  To find out everything you should buy the book and support the author.  I bought the book on the Kindle for $2.99 a few months ago.  She says her books are available in other places.  According to her website the fourth book in the series Out Of The Dark will be available on June 7, 2012.


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