How to Maintain a Great Relationship

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1- Respect: If you learn to respect the others then you will automatically respectful to everyone. An association without respect is nothing at all.

 2- Happiness:  Lucky is the only way to know that you are responsible for your own happiness, develop the relations and, therefore, you have to realize that you’re the only one who can make you happy. And your significant other is responsible for his happiness. You should keep in mind, they would separate and do the same thing your significant other when you’re together, it will stay because at this point, not happy, happy. What most people think is a happy man I can do for others. And the truth is that you can never happy somebody and it’s not your job. We are all responsible for our own happiness. We can enjoy with another, but happiness begins at the end.

3- Date Night: Most people are worried about their daily lives. So your relationship alive and fresh, always keep your night or two to provide a weekly entertainment together. Everyone should be of the type is done; there is the impression that it is personally responsible for the man. Consider your relationships, as well as how you can eliminate your home page; must retain their overcook.

4- Renew your vows: if you’re married. For your next birthday party, renew your vows. It is becoming increasingly popular. Former basketball player Doug Christie and his wife have been renovating their promise every year since they’ve been married and so far they have married 16 times.  Each year is included in the planning of the wedding. “If you’re planning your wedding, you don’t have time for a divorce plan.” said Mrs Christie. Very good point! Remember why you are getting married at all. Most people get married for divorce. Fall in love again with each other.

5- Send love– Send your lover, sexy text or emails, letting them know what you think about it. Let sexy notes in places where you find them. For example, in the car, in your Pocket pants, portfolios, bags, mirrors, bathroom, etc. It provides tons per day. Everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated.

6- Reciprocate: Mutual relations of things are necessary to 50-50 as soon as possible. I know that there are things, which is more than for women, men, and vice versa. But nobody wants to feel like. Find the best solution to the Division of tasks and show your appreciation for each other. From time to time, a simple thank you can still have a long way to go.

7- Communication:  Link is nothing without respect and good communication. Most people are not mind readers. So you’re saying that comes to your mind. Most people can’t hear the person when you write. Wait for you to express your concerns in a supportive environment. Receiving things out in the open is a great way to come to a concurrence about a problem or concern before it gets out of control.You hear people before judging them.

Zick XRT said “a lot of marriages would have been better if the husband and wife, of course, that they are on the same page” I think this is a good suggestion for people to live. So we need to create whether you’re in the same team. I would like to say that, “should be two people against peace.” Let people or negative things that affect your relationship. Do what’s good for you!


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