Triond is on The Road to Decay

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There are a bewildering number of writing sites on the net. Some are good and somepasse.However one site that promised much has fallen by the way side. I am referring to the site Triond. This site has been around for years and by now should have carved a niche for itself. Unfortunatelythis has not happened and the site is a laggard in terms of revenue generated and the quality of its articles. Many writers have written hundreds of articles on Triond to see that the revenue generated is just a dollar or even less.

Triond is also a site that requires you to write original articles that are not published elsewhere. But the quality of writing is pretty poor, though an occasional good article may come around. Most good writers will avoid Triond and many I know have left this site and graduated to better earning sites. Triond has fallen way behind sites like Hub pages and Factoidz. Even Bukisa with its tie up with Adsense is infinitely better.

Viewership and ranking with Adsense goes a long way in generating revenue. But Triond got banned twice from Adsense and in many cases delayed payments were the order of the day from Triond. Unable to generate quality traffic the revenue from Triond sometimes is just a dollar or two for an entire month. Surely not an advertisement to attract good writers.

Another reason for Triond’ decline is the poor quality of its support staff who run theback office. Most of them are not aware that modern sites have changed. But these worthies still act and behave as if they were living a decade back. The net result is that quality writers have left Triond for greener pastures. In fact one writer with 400 articles on Triond suddenly found he was black listed. This shows the inexperienced staff handling the back office of Triond.

 Can Triond make a comeback?  Most unlikely as newer sites are corneringthe trafficand established sites will not give any latitude. So the sun has set on Triond.  It does happen to everybody. After all the sun set onthe British Empireand Triond is not in that genre


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