The New And The Old: The Ipad And The Ipad Book Case

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Sometimes, what’s old is new again.

The iPad has spawned countless companies that do nothing but make accessories. Search Google or Bing for iPad cases, and you’re sure to get overwhelmed with tens of thousands of results. It’s clear that the choice comes down to individual preferences. But in recent months, what’s becoming increasingly popular is the iPad book case. This is a case that mimics the hardback book cover. The iPad book case’s rising popularity isn’t surprising. Unlike iPad cases found at electronic stores, the iPad book case is fully customizable. Typically found at online stores such as Solid Line Products, the iPad book case is built on demand. Users upload their own photographs or art to create one-of-a-kind iPad cases. They become, in a way, a form of self-expression. The perfect complement to the ingenious iPad.

It’s ironic that these iPad book cases ( ) are gaining in popularity just as e-books are beginning to replace the traditional book. Some companies claim that they help disguise the iPad. Others, like Solid Line Products, just tout the customizability. Customizability might be the better selling point. How long can iPad book cases fool would-be-thieves after all? After a while, if enough people had iPad book cases, they become advertisements for iPads. But customizability makes for a stronger argument. 55 million are forecast to ship in 2012, and as more and more people own iPads, telling one one iPad from another will become an increasingly important issue. A recent IDG survey suggested that the iPad has become a standard business tool. Where the Macintosh made its way into corporate America via the creative employees, the iPad is being brought in by managers. It’s successfully making its way in financial and pharmaceutical industries. So these days, it’s not uncommon for a roomful of managers equipped with iPads. Imagine grabbing the wrong iPad from a conference table.

How can these iPad book cases help? If you created your iPad case using an online case builder like the one at Solid Line Products’ website, then you’ll know that no one has a case just like yours. Your cover might have a picture from last summer’s vacation that you know you took. Or you might feature your kids. Or if you’re artistic, it could be your very own illustration or design. In the old days, book covers could start conversations. The iPad book case can take the place of the book cover. Except this time, the case can advertise your individuality.


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