Roccat Kave, Surround 5.1 Sensation

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A special multimedia or gaming headphones usually only equipped with a software to simulate the noise in the order of 5.1, but Roccat KAVE try to offer a more realistic surround sensation.

This was evidenced by the placement of the speakers try at a wider angle, and a 3.5 mm jack that usually only exist in the speaker berkonfigurasi 5.1. But before testing the performance further, it could not hurt us first look at the designs offered.

As the headphones are intended for heavy gamers, it is appropriate that Roccat KAVE presented with a complete black doff. The only other color, shine blue light on the control panel and the left headphone.

These headphones are also quite large and can cover the entire ear. But unfortunately, although bongsor but could not isolate sound very well, so the user could interfere with the enjoyment outside noise.

Each speaker has also been equipped Roccat KAVE quite soft cushioning, even so also in the ‘headband’ that connects the two. Thus, the user is likely to feel comfortable while using it in a relatively long time.

In addition, although large, but these products also can be folded up to be more concise. Not bad, not so much trouble if you want to carry around.

Besides being equipped with a controller regulating the level and depth of bass sound, Roccat Cave also has a volume level control center, front and rear. This is what distinguishes it from similar products.

Middle sound settings (center), front (front) and rear (rear) are usually only found on the speaker-based 5.1, and Roccat KAVE really a breakthrough. There are also sliding panels to the Movie and Game modes.

Surround Sensation

To maximize the capabilities of this product, users must menyandingkannya with a sound card that supports surround sound configuration alias 5.1. And no heroics, in testing these products detikINET try menyandingkannya of luggage onboard sound card Intel motherboard DX79SI.

The installation process is very simple product. Users only need to plug the audio cable and a fourth USB cable that is used as a power enhancer. Just plug, restart the computer, then the Roccat KAVE ready to enjoy.

Before being used to listen to a movie or game-based surround, there’s no harm users check in advance on the sound settings in Windows to prove that these headphones are already working in the mode 5.1. Once completed, the new can simply lauched.

When used to listen to the movie High Definition (HD), which already has a sound 5.1, no doubt, the sound that comes out is pretty awesome. Whistling bullets or shattered glass sound very detailed and perfect. Fight scenes in the movie Bourne Ultimatum also sounds very exciting.

For playing games too. Particular game First Person Shooter (FPS). Users can detect the direction of the enemy only of the origin of his voice, and if used for a horror game like Fear. Wuihh .. seemed chilling goose bumps.

But for music lovers might be a little less satisfying. Because the sound produced was less kicking, especially for users who prefer the sound ngebass.

Thumping bass is reproduced KAVE Roccat are a little different, do not leave voice ‘deemm’ even though the vibration was felt, that there is only sound ‘dug’ though it was set at a maximum level of bass.

Overall, the Roccat KAVE is indeed a unique headphone that offers surround sound sensation. Its appearance looks ‘grim’, but comfortable to wear also have added value.

But the music lovers who like the sound seems to be a little disappointed ngebass. So, specify the use if you want to buy this product. Want widely used for movies, games, or music?


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