Official Mini Keyboard For Blackberry Playbook

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Yesterday, rumors had circulated that the BlackBerry Playbook will release official mini keyboard along with the original folding case for the BlackBerry Playbook. Therefore, when fitted between the keyboard, the BlackBerry Playbook in the folding casenya but would like a 7-inch Notebook.


Indeed, here we do not get the original folding case, but we have a mini keyboard is official BlackBerry Playbook. The form is more or less like-sized but thinner PlayBook has a QWERTY keyboard look like the keyboard on the notebook display. Although the keyboard on the notebook to its still more complete, but the official mini keyboard for the BlackBerry Playbook is also already has a touchpad like a touchpad on a notebook.


The following features Mini Keyboard BlackBerry Playbook

  •     there are keyboard and touchpad

  •     Powerful battery up to 30 days

  •     Be available so that the folding casenya Playbook and mini keyboard can be used like a notebook

  •     Multitouch touchpad with one finger to left click and two fingers to right click when used for remote desktop apps

  •     Mouse scrolling with two fingers on the touchpad

  •     Charge the BlackBerry MicroUSB charger


This Playbook official keyboard has an internal battery that can charge the BlackBerry MicroUSB charger. On the left side there is the power button to activate keyboardnya.Dengan using a Bluetooth connection, the BlackBerry Playbook should dipairing first to connect to the BlackBerry Playbook.

A little review for use with BlackBerry Playbook:

  •     Touchpad is very comfortable to use, when used has the cursor on the screen. Very similar to its use with a notebook.

  •     Typing made easier because it uses a physical keyboard. Mengguniakan no virtual keyboard on the Playbook.

  •     There is no difficulty in pairing. If already terpairing, directly connected when used at a later time.

  •     Internal battery is used also for 3 days is endless. If according to the rumor itself is a powerful keyboard mini battery for 1 month.

  •     Mini Keyboard try pairing this with a tablet Playbook another official. Terpairing results can be easily and run smoothly. Unfortunately when I tried pairing the BlackBerry Smartphone was not usable.


  •     Touchpad for ease of use in choosing a well executed

  •     Light, was the same size as the Playbook but thinner than Playbook

  •     The battery can last long enough and could be charged with the BlackBerry MicroUSB charger.

  •     Can be used to the tablet other than the BlackBerry Playbook


    In the use of mini-keyboard should do a bit of adjustment, because the size is smaller than a notebook keyboard
    Can not be used with BlackBerry smartphones



Playbook For users, it seems mandatory to have this official mini keyboard. RIM is also rumored to preparing this mini keyboard with folding casenya following. So later on when the release of the possibility of mini keyboards will not be sold separately. Price is still unknown. For those who want to use it with other tablets, it can also terpairing well and running smoothly.


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