Yahoo! Launch Exclusive 'i am Real' Day

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Yahoo! premier digital media company, Saturday, March 31, 2012 began a campaign of ‘Real Women, Real Answers’ to Yahoo! She launched today by ‘I am real’. The concept of ‘I am real’ chosen to address the needs and providing real solutions for the modern woman Indonesia.

According to the study of media coverage in 2011 by TNS, the Internet has the second largest range in comparison with other media among 18-34 year-old Indonesian woman who are looking for popular content about fashion, celebrity news, music & movies, and health and fitness. This is a great opportunity for Yahoo! to target one of the most attractive segments while providing added value to readers Yahoo!

Since its launch, Yahoo! She ( has become one of the sites content providers and is the most visited online sites for content and conversation around the topic of interest to women in Indonesia. Campaign Yahoo! ‘Real Women, Real Answers’ in the form of four videos in the four weeks provides an opportunity for Indonesian women to voice their opinions regarding four controversial question: “Do women must get married?”, “Infidelity, say or do? “,” Interfaith relations “, and” Career vs. Family “. In a period of four weeks, Yahoo! She has reached more than 26 thousand people and received over 13,000 comments.


“With the launch of Yahoo! She, Yahoo! platform is now serving various segments and provide content that appeal to different niche segments and a variety of categories, women, news and entertainment. Therefore, as a leading premier digital media company, we are focused to provide rich content to meet the needs of readers while providing the right platform for advertisers to reach readers and offer products and services relevant to the reader, “said Roy Simangunsong, Sales Director and Country Ambassador Yahoo! Indonesia

Yahoo! range of flexible and widely on the Internet provides an opportunity for leading companies such as Unilever to partner with Yahoo! She. “Now Yahoo! Indonesia has become one of the largest digital media companies in Indonesia and worldwide. Yahoo! will be able to attract consumers with innovative products and relevant content, which enable Yahoo! to reach out and interact with their audience. As a leading FMCG company in Indonesia, Unilever also wanted to become a leading presence in the digital world. So we tried to find the right partner and we see that Yahoo! is a very suitable partner. Yahoo! She especially devoted specifically to women, so it is. excellent opportunity to reach out to modern women who wear our products, “said Desy Khoirunnisa, Country Media Manager PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk

The concept of the launch of Yahoo! She ‘I Am Real Day’ aimed at providing real experiences Regarding the theme: ‘Women World Map: All Life Aspects’ to the woman and the tagline “your first step to be a better you”. With the theme of Women World Map, there are five areas of ‘room’ that represent a variety of issues and problems surrounding the daily lives of women, complete with experts in the field chosen to give private consultations for women in Indonesia.

Categories are: office, in consultation with the empowerment of women by Poetri Suhendro; bathroom, with make-up services and skin care by Ponds and La Salle; consultancy in love and marriage by Kasandra Putranto and Associates in the bedroom; consulting relationships in the living room and for lovers of fashion, a fashion show by Majju and La Salle.

Events in the afternoons and evenings featuring a number of artists, including Sara Wijayanto, Imela Kei and Raisa. Followed by a talk show with a number of famous celebrities such as Lola Amaria, Dewi Ayu, and Melissa Karim Hilbram Dunar the topic “Should married women”.


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