Make Your Gaming K/d Skyrocket!!

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In online games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and even Counter-Strike on PC, most people aim to have a high Kill and Death ratio (K/D) . Your K/D is how many deaths you have compared to your kills. 

Now you may have seen a 15th Prestige

player on CoD and gone to look at his player card, and been shocked at how high his  K/D, and wondered how on earth he could be that good. Well the truth is, it’s not hard at all. Actually, you could make your K/D skyrocket by using the 5 very simple tips from this article.

Tip 1.

Play in a Party or with a group of people you know! I cannot explain how much this helps. This is one of the main reasons players achieve such high ranking stats and scores. 

When you play with a group of people you know, it’s easier to communicate and dominate with them. And having a party you can set up strategic ideas on how to capture a flag, or how to blow up that bomb! Just think, you joined a lobby with people from across the world that you didn’t know, and you were trying to improve your K/D. Unless you are a complete freak at gaming, this won’t do you any good for a couple of reasons. 

1. The people on your team might be complete crap, or new to the game.

2. The will most likely be selected from around the world or in different parts of your country, so you will almost 99% of the time encounter lag.

3. You don’t know them so you can’t think of strategies or plans and put ten into place. E.g – If you were in a party you could all decide on 2 people to protect each flag, and know that they would stay there for the whole game. But if you had ransoms on your team you might e going for the B flag, but they might decide they want the B flag as well, so that is leaving 2 flags open to the enemy, which is a double cap, plus all they need to do is chuck a couple of explosives on the B flag and they will have a multi-kill giving them a head start for their kill-streaks.

That’s by you SHOULDNT play with randoms, and here’s why you SHOULD play with a party.

1. You can set up a plan that 2 people from your team each go to one flag, and stay there for the game. This will ensure that you will almost always get the triple cap, and that you won’t give the enemies easy kills by running around like crazy frogs (what the hell.. Frogs?). Also, if one person dies the other one will be there to protect the flag until they get back.

2. Because you are all from around the same area, and there’s 6 of you, someone in your party is likely to get host of the lobby which means you will all have a better connection.

3. When you are all in a party and have the same Clan Tag , people think “Shit! There’s a party of players who are probably gonna chop us up!”, and if you follow these tips from the very start when they go to look at your K/D they will be even more worried when the see how high it is!

Tip 2.

Make a class that YOU like and stick with it. Don’t go looking around on google for the “Best MW3 Class” or “Best gun in Bf3 for kills”, because these classes are what certain people prefer, so just because they work for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. Also, I know many people including me change classes whenever they are on a death streak hoping that it will improve their gameplay. But the truth is it won’t, it will actually make it worse! E.g – You might be using a class that has a gun with rapid fire, that kills enemies quickly, but has terrible aim, then You switch to a class that has fantastic handling and recoil, but is extremely slow at shooting, your not gonna be used to the slow bullet fire and most likely get killed from every direction, every time.

Tip 3.

Have low but helpful killstreaks. Most people want to go ahead and chuck on all the high killstreaks like Osprey Gunner, Nuke or Attack Dogs, but all they do is get you kills, they don’t help your TEAM. If you want a good K/D go with the killstreaks like Spy plane, Counter Spy Plane and BlackBird. These killstreaks will not only expose the enemy and hide you, but it will also help you and your rack up kills towards a good K/D and and easy captures/defends.

Tip 4.

Don’t be afraid to leave the game. If the people you normally play with are not on and you have to play solo, then it will be a lot harder to improve your stats, and you will probably come up against clans and have to play with monkeys who don’t know how to shoot. If you are going 2 kills to 20 deaths that is gonna muck your K/D up, even if it’s just a little drop from 1.52 to 1.50. That 0.02 will soon add up to 0.10, then 0.20 etc etc. So if you are having a bad game don’t let it get out of control.. Leave before they call in the dogs!

Tip 5. 

Don’t get discouraged when you look at your K/D and notice that it has only gone up by 0.01. It will slowly start adding up and the more you play with your team, the better you work together and the faster your stats to up. And if you look at your K/D after every game it will seem like it is going up ALOT slower then if you look at it say every 10-20 games.

I hope these tips help all you gaming fans out there! And this is my first article EVER, so any feedback positive or negative is greatly appreciated! I hope to be bringing out some more articles soon, so of you have any suggestions as to what you would like me to write about feel free to comment below.


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