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Timeline is one of the best feature in facebook. Recently i switched to timeline and like it a lot. Timeline allow us to remember our old activities, as it displays all the information from the date of joining to till date. The only disadvantage of timeline is it takes long time. Most of the users don’t like to wait a long, so they hate time line.

Facebook timeline is a good way to express our taste to our friends, we have the ability to design the timeline as per our wish and facebook allow us to select the timeline cover from its built in pictures, as well as we can upload our own photos or interested photos and set it as our timeline cover. 

Timeline gives more attraction to our profile and we can organize our profile with this timeline easily. With the timeline we can display a lot of things like our likes, friends, recent activities,updates,subscriptions and other things. Our friends will get our information within a short time by visiting our timeline. Also the year scale will help us to find our activities in a certain year, it will help us a lot and avoid unwanted searches, simply we click on the specific year to know about our activities.

Our Facebook profile appears more lively with the new timeline even though it takes some time to download, if we are using a fast connection, the timeline will download in a good manner and we will get all the information within a glance. In my opinion this time line is very useful to express our taste and updates to our friends and they will get our old updates easily using the year scale.

The timeline differs facebook from other social sites, none of the social site is having this kind of interactive timeline to get more information about an user. Facebook don’t force anyone to use the timeline, but using timeline will give more attraction to our profile and give uniqueness to it.

What is your opinion about this timeline? Are you using a timeline profile? Do you think it is necessary to use timeline in our profile? Are you interested in using it? Do you recommend timeline to your friends and family members?


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