Making Strong Password

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Password playing an important role in our online activities, we must give more attention to it and create an unique and strong password to avoid hacking. Now a days lot of persons accounts are hacked by hackers due to the week passwords, we must give a strong password to avoid this kind of unwanted issues.

Some persons will use the same password to all the sites, but this activity is wrong, we must use separate password to each and every site, don’t use the same password for different sites. Always use a strong password to your payment processor and email accounts and never share your password with anyone for your security purpose. Avoid sharing passwords with your good friends and beloved persons, as we don’t know when we will break with them. Better to avoid sharing our passwords with others

To make strong passwords use the combination of numbers, special characters and alphabets in your password as well as use both upper case and lower case letters while creating password and remember about your password. Don’t save your password in browser or key log systems, it will affect you when your system was affected with virus or malewares. Hackers have the ability to get information from the virus or maleware attacked systems.

Avoid using birthday, contact number, spouse or children name as your password. It is easy to find this kind of passwords, so avoid this kind of things. If you want to use them, add some other special characters and the combination of upper case and lower case letters with your password for security purpose.

The combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters, upper case and lowercase letters will give more strength to your passwords, always create your password in this sort. Create unique and special passwords to important site and keep it in a safe place for your remembrance. Be careful and give more importance while dealing with passwords.

What about you? Do you always care about your passwords? Are you using different passwords for different sites? Do you think we must use unique password to various sites? What are your ways to make your password strong? Do you ever saved your password in your browser? What is your opinion about saving password in the browser?


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