Free Traffic Increase to Your Blog in Less Than 6 Weeks

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1. Search Engine:

Yes! It brings lots of traffic to your blog. There Millions of people search Google, Yahoo, and MSN every day. So, such as search engines are so many good posts to your blog and well, Google etc. index you will get. Search through engines. There if you like a good amount of traffic, Yahoo index you blog pages “Google Sitemaps to submit your blog” a decent amount of traffic from search engines want to see are some steps so quickly. And another key is to add a Meta tag to your blog. If you follow these two simple steps, you have a decent traffic (heavy traffic if your content is good) will be found.

2. Blog Directories Submitting

 Your blog before you know it can be a good traffic will bring you to submit your blog to blog directories. Here Blog Directory (there are so many directories, but will bring down a good traffic) is a good list, most of these blog directories to register before you ask for your blog. My suggestions a new create email address solely for this purpose, so the blog administrators, etc., sent by e-mail with your personal email are filled You can find the blog directory list.

3. Participate Forums, groups, etc:

Just for Google and its [the keyword forum]the [keyword + group or blogging about your blog search. Suppose the search “blogging platform you will find a few forums, forums and post the article link back to your blog (as a sign), etc. related to their site Register groups to answer questions, clarify doubts and blog. But, not a links

4. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking your website / blog. If you do not know what social bookmarking is the best way to build traffic Saving Bookmarks Social Bookmarking, tagging posts with keywords in a website is a practice of bookmarks. Later, there in your browser you want to visit a specific website URL (address) like Dell means saving so many social bookmarking sites Icio, us, Digg, furl, technocratic. One good thing about these social bookmarking sites, you register with them to get away traffic. Just, your bookmarks, tags, store … And you are destroying my site meter to see traffic. Article Directories Articles

5. Submitting articles:

 To article directories to submit they traffic. By then another effective way to construction of the massive exposure of your article and you gain more traffic. Some of the popular article directories,,, etc… There are hundreds of article directories, Google it.

6. Leaving comments on other blogs:

leave a comment with a link back to your blog comments do. Leaving related blog is a good thing and it is more useful to leave your comments and good page rank. Always No spam increases (with a link like that like ‘click ‘).


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