Free Top 10 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

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Revenue generated content sharing sites where users are articles, comments, questions and answers and much more. Google AdSense ads automatically on Web pages you have written or contributed to are generated, and the revenue the site is shared between the owner and author. Some offer 50%, some 60% and some authors even 80% revenue share split is different.

Technically, revenue, rather than page impressions really do not divide the revenues are shared according to the stock split. So if a website is writing articles is an 60:40 split and 100 impressions (page views), 60 pages of ads with your tracking code will provide the other 40 pages of ads will appear on the site

1. Hubpages (PR 7) 

This is one of the best skilled and talented writers to write articles on platforms where your writing is the ability to implement. Over the years the website at least I’ve got a very reliable and writers for the stage.

 Hubpages provide 60% of AdSense revenue. The authors also than AdSense, Amazon, eBay, and Kontera can earn through. In addition to all these opportunities to earn a referral system through which you can earn up to 10% of lifetime income. The Hubpages is known as a hub in the article.

2. Knol (PR 5)  

Knol  Hubpages and Squidoo are very different, except that the site is developed by the biggest search engine Google. The writing articles or posting images provides 100% of revenue through AdSense.  Knoll is the referral system.

3. Squidoo (PR5)  

 Hubpages provides 50% of the squidoo AdSense revenue.  Course of your income you may want to donate. There is a referral system that provides 5% earns 15%.The article is known as Squidoo lenses.

4. TrendHunter (PR 4)  

This site provides 50% of AdSense revenue. This site has a referral system. He is known as trend articles.

5. Xomba (PR 4)   

This is a great site for their quality content that provides 50% of AdSense revenue.  It is also a referral system that provides 10% of the profits. This is most profetible websites. 

6. SheToldMe (PR 5)  

This is the most reliable platform and provides 100% of Adsense revenue.  A very reasonable program of referral system

7. Flixya (PR 5)

 The video and pictures and a great venture for writers and photographers can be easily uploaded.

 And Flixya is 100% AdSense revenue shares

8. Triond (PR5)

 Hubpages and Squidoo parallel, triond, 50% AdSense revenue provides. Pays  through Triond Paypal.

 Triond is not in the referral system.

9. Infobarrel (PR 4)

 Infobarrel AdSense revenue shares of 75%.  There is a referrel system which pays 2% of ad impressions.

 The article is known as the barrel.

10. SadiaKomal (PR 4)

This site provides 50% of AdSense revenue.  The system does not have any referrel.  Zoomley  a new emerging site.


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