Htc Sensation XE Contract Deals-Look Beyond Audio Quality

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The Taiwanese mobile manufacturer is clearly not winning the mobile phone game, and has given up. Ah we are just joking, actually the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer is again rolling a new range of devices to beat its rivals, and we will talk about those new handsets some other time, and we promise that. Anyway, it is time we move on to the current sensation the HTC Sensation XE, and we mean it literally.  Yes, it is again part of the marvelous Android lineup, and as per Windows Phone platform is concerned the Taiwanese mobile maker is not giving it much importance.  The term XE not only implies to the increase in size but also to the battery and the clock speed, so is the usage of the term “XE” correct?

Well, let us just ignore the name for a second and concentrate on the power of this handset, and we are not saying that you should buy this handset only because it carries some cool-looking Beats audio earphones.  One more question that everyone asks is that whether Sensation or the Sensation XE will rule the market, and our answer is that both of them. Actually, they serve different categories, with the older version catering the broad section and the latter version serving the audiophiles community, and we personally liked the XE version. During our testing on the handset, we found out that HTC hasn’t provided any way to switch off the audio enhancements and users have to keep up with them, even though they don’t desire it. These pre-activated enhancements spoil the clean songs, making them prone to becoming irritating many times. Real music lovers are aware of the fact that it is the clean music that makes a great music lover, and such enhancements should not be forced on the user’s community.

In addition, the integrated FM radio switched off very promptly, which seems trivial but is very useful. HTC Sensation XE deals are offered in three categories, such as HTC Sensation contract deals, pay as you go and SIM free deals, however consumers are not so excited about these deals.

HTC Sensation XE contract deals are available with a plethora of exciting free gifts, such as free LCD TVs, Sony Playstation, PSP, digital camera or camcorders, Nintendo Wii, discounted call rates, free calling minutes, however do not purchase a deal if it says freebies, and many consumers are already adopting this habit.

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HTC sensation XE contract deals and HTC Sensation XE white deals are the reasons why the Sensation lineup is so exciting, however mobile plans have never excited us.


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