You Cannot Afford to Ignore The 5 Largest Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital marketing is a discipline in the stream. We top a bright new technologies and platforms of promise, “everything changes”. Traders said the following network revolutionary the same device name, apps and social: Breathless creation.

Even wise marketers still know what will future changes. They must not know that their industry is evolving daily. For example, to reach consumers, marketing should be more mobile, collaboration, and information about the context in which they work.

It will be granted to know the future. However, it will affect our lives in the coming years, solutions and products from Apple, Amazon, and other innovators. When we plan our connected future minority report style, are these five great marketing ideas, now taken ahead of the curve.

1. Duty station

Consumers and many, as you find them; Potential gold mines the data consumption of important social role, foursquare, such as prohibition. You and location. Technology in near field communication (NFC), as well as Google Wallet products is only to demonstrate its potential. Although the areas around privacy issues are resolved, the continuation of consumers requires retailers to understand their daily and feel that life is easier. If the rumors are true and 5A integrated NFC iPhone waiting for these additional possibilities for integration.

2. New advertising formats

A new platform for mobile and online video-no surprise-warm, pulls you are wasting their marketing is always the head of the consumers ‘ time.

Throw away any money for these new channels. Instead of prefetch operation show video and other options try “forced”, in mind, you start the user through solution for meeting time and interests. New forms of research than image ads, advertisements, trademarks, disturbances and blindness, banner, “help, elegant brand messages into engaging content.

3. User generated conservation

(UGC) The user creates conservation-powered apps, open content as pulse, Flip board, fantasies and Foods potting. Content setup forms for producers and traders and consumers of food and with their interests and their context, platform for filtering data, and neither user-defined information.

These patterns are trademarks which may be relevant to consumers, as well as opportunities in the market. For example, Pinterest received a standing ovation for both consumers and merchants, and shows the power of this personal protection and topical can bond.

4. Advertising formats

Everyone is excited about the possibilities of Mobile and tablets are attractive platforms or to attract consumers. If you chose to place the ads on mobile applications, your user experience will you use? Fully use the platform? Or for the same old strategy, you ask that users will choose online your ads?

It is time to provide creative and innovative ways. MEDIA industry guru Ken Doctor points to innovative advertisers uses a unique format to the iPad, is created. “The risk of disaster (tornado, flood, earthquake), which is better for society than mutual freedom and then just tilt your iPad, created to show damage by magic disappear”, IE.

5. Integrated marketing

Appropriate for your client, in any context, brand recall, improves and strengthens the commitment. Proportion of the silos in your advertising strategy (for example, what TV vs see users on your phone) and focus on the most important – your customers.

In this networked world, consumers are not always think of the lift. Studies show that 72% of consumers who deal with market overall, but they were hitting only 39%. Google found that 74% of consumers think of mark when the announcer integrated strategy on mobile phones, TV and the Internet.

World uneven QR apps still “transition” as the value for the second delivery of the Viggle screen and help merchants free fitness multi-platform, integrated.

In-depth design now in the ever-changing technology and media are interacting with our world filtering. Elegant marketers can do well by charming with the trends that are vibrating most with the promising customer of today.


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