Can Green Tea Make You Lose Weight?

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Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea and white tea. The plant’s name is Camellia sinensis. The difference between green tea and the tea that you normally drink is that it has not gone through as much oxidation as black tea. This allows for green tea to have more health benefits. Green tea is widely consumed in China, but became popular in America after the news of the health benefits of green tea were spead.

There has been much talk about green tea and weight loss. There are many supplements that are all proclaiming the weight loss benefits of green tea. Can green tea make you lose weight or is it just a plot to get you to spend some money on their product?

The idea that green tea helps with weight loss comes from clinical studies done with green tea. Lets discuss a few of these studies.

In one study, green tea was able to burn fat in rats. After 8 weeks, green tea lowered blood fat and decreased weight gain. It also prevented visceral fat from forming. All the while, the rats were fed a diet that was high in fat.

Another study involing rats showed that green tea prevented weight gain. Both groups of mice were given a high fat diet. One group was given green tea extract. Both of the groups still gained weight from the high fat diet, but the mice that were given green tea gained less weight. There was more fat found in those rat’s excretions. This would mean that green tea prevented some of the absorption of fat and allowed them to eliminate it from their bowels.

What about a green tea study involving people?

The next study involves 100 human participants. The study lasted for 12 weeks. Some of the participants drank a 500 mL drink that contained 625 mg of green tea catechins. The rest of the participants were given a caffeine drink. They also exercised at a moderate rate for 3 hours per week. After 12 weeks, the participants who consumed the green tea drink lost more body fat especially around the abdominal area.

Another study that used people was carried out in by researchers at Fudan University. The participants were 182 overweight people. Some of these people consumed no green tea. The others consumed various amounts of green tea. The highest amount of catechins consumed were equal to the amount found in 10 cups of green tea. Those who consumed green tea had a lower body fat, body weight, and waist size. The people who consumed the highest amount saw the highest results.

Can green tea help you lose weight? Yes.

How much weight you lose depends though. Is your product a standardized extract? How many milligrams of catechins does it contain? Are you exercising also?

If you consume green tea extract without exercise, you will lose weight depending on how much fat is in your diet. You may lose weight very slowly though. If you consume the amount of green tea extract found in these studies plus add exercise plus watch your saturated fat intake, you will have greater results.

Some people might say, “Oh well if you exercise and watch your diet, you lose weight anyway.” Of course you do, but when you add green tea extract you will increase your weight loss. So someone who is exercising, watching their diet, and taking green tea extract will lose more fat than someone who is just exercising and watching their diet.

The proof is in the studies listed above. Even those who consume a high fat diet and do not exercise, see a decrease in fat. Of course there are many more studies out there that I didn’t even mention. There are so many studies that prove it to be effective.


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