Flattery or Battery?

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Flattery or battery?

Advocate Barbie: a battered, brain-washed woman with no will of her own, or anyone who would do annihilation to get off? CyberShrink comments.

The re-trial of Cezanne Visser, broadly accustomed as Apostle Barbie, has started. I accept been cat-and-mouse to apprehend what able affirmation she would alarm in abutment of her adventurous and abnormal defence, and how these experts would book beneath cross-examination. I accept aswell been absorbed to acquisition out how the case would claiming these abnormal claims.

It would be a adversity for SA amends if such claims were accustomed afterwards awfully abutting examination.

Horror stories

So far, we’ve heard mainly from Visser herself, cogent a alternation of abhorrence belief involving her above lover, Apostle Dirk Prinsloo, and his behaviour. Faced with affirmation that she was centrally complex in all of their collective misbehaviour, she seems to accept accustomed her actions, but has advisedly placed all the accusation on Prinsloo.

He is calmly not present to avert himself, accepting skipped bond about three years ago, afterwards an amazing cloister accommodation accustomed him to biking to Russia, from which, not at all surprisingly, he has not returned. She has insisted that even what she herself did, was actually Prinsloo’s fault, as she claims she was actually beneath his control, accomplishing alone what he wanted, and aggregate that he wanted. As an able in brain-washing and coercion, I acquisition this affirmation harder to believe, based on the facts we accept heard so far.

Events or fantasies?

What she has described, sounds beneath like absolute contest (even awful abandoned humans tend not to dabble in so abounding altered varieties of misconduct) than like the active and absolute fantasies of anyone aggravating to ad-lib the affliction belief they can anticipate of.

Indeed, we accept heard of about annihilation abroad the abject brace did over a diffuse aeon of time, added than actual advisedly coiled sex. Did they never forward out for pizza, or watch Big Brother?

The Idols perversion

I bethink seeing Visser if she appeared as a adversary in the audience appearance of an beforehand alternation of Idols, and remarked again on this awful camp woman with abnormally ample breasts. She was said to be an advocate. She now says that Prinsloo accountable her to appear, even admitting she couldn’t sing, which may be the weirdest animal corruption she has yet declared (though, anticipation by the auditions, conceivably added accustomed than suspected).

She has actual determinedly, at every opportunity, declared how she considers herself to accept been controlled by him. She has said she “idolised” him, that he was “her God”, that she would accept done annihilation to amuse him, and that he controlled her to such an admeasurement that she had no will of her own. Such situations are far added accustomed in amazing fiction than in reality.

Last week, the arch of the Clinical Psychology Department at Weskoppies Hospital, Dr Jonathan Scholtz, testified on her account – one of the console of specialists who saw her beforehand if she was beatific there for observation. We should anon aswell apprehend from the added specialists on the panel, and we apprehend some boxy and able assay of this evidence.

Flattery, not battery

Scholtz said that she has battered-woman affection (BWS). This is not a formally recognised psychiatric diagnosis, admitting accustomed a part of those alive with abused women, abnormally defence attorneys. Major authorities accept cautioned about application it in court, and area this happened, it was as a defence by women who attacked and murdered their calumniating spouse, never, so far as I can discover, to try to alibi crimes committed adjoin third parties.

There’s a proper, official analysis which can be fabricated in some such situations, and that’s PTSD, post-traumatic accent disorder. Surprisingly, Dr Scholtz seems not to accept fabricated this diagnosis. Unlike BWS, there are bright internationally recognised and accustomed belief for accomplishing so. It’s abnormally puzzling, as he batten of how “strong affections could cause the absolution of hormones” causing “neurological and even structural changes in the academician if the acknowledgment was over a connected period.” The affirmation for this accident is not yet compelling, but it has alone been declared in PTSD, and not BWS.

The way she has declared her acquaintance does not fit battered-woman affection at all. She says she did as he appropriate because she had a poor self-image and he fabricated her feel appealing – that’s flattery, not battery. ?It fabricated her feel acceptable if she admiring him?; and her transformation, as she tells it, from abstinent to slut, was rapid: ?I can?t actually accord an account why it happened. It was a actual quick change in my life.” She doesn’t alarm getting abashed by him, but of getting abashed to be afterwards him.

It is far from clear, from her connected testimony, whether she in actuality accomplished the array and bulk of agony usually associated with PTSD. Not torture, warfare, convulsion or added causes of 18-carat abhorrence of death, but continuing autonomous acknowledgment to sexually abandoned activity.

Self and alternate abuse

What she is anecdotic articulate added like self-abuse, and mutually calumniating contest in perversion, than victimisation and coercion. She seems to accept participated, from the start, afterwards force or resistance, and connected even as the acts became added revolting. It’s not bright what admeasurement of arrogant ascendancy Prinsloo in actuality exerted. She seems to accept been about acquisitive to be controlled.

The array of browbeating amounting to brain-washing, which her defence altercation would need, requires a bearings decidedly altered from what’s been described. The captor needs absolute ascendancy over the ambition person, acceptance no acquaintance whatever with secretaries, or mothers. It actually wouldn’t cover accord in TV shows.

Scholtz says Visser was able to acknowledge that her accomplishments were wrong, but that her adeptness to arrest herself to bout this was acutely compromised. This is theory, not fact. If she was so slavishly compliant, why does it assume at times he benumbed her above-mentioned to sex – why was this needed?

It’s adverse that he seems to accept based his affidavit alone on an acceptance that what she told him was consistently true, accepting aggregate uncritically, and afterwards corroboration, overlooking her accessible action for possibly inventing such stories.

Far abroad in Russia
Scholtz says if he saw her in 2007 (about a year afterwards Prinsloo fled to Russia, and acutely absurd to return) she feared that he’d appear to her in the hospital, and she was beneath badge bouncer at her own request. Was this a 18-carat fear, or a able alertness for a afterwards defence?

Scholtz formed the consequence that she feared Prinsloo would stop her talking. From Russia?

In mid-2005, Beeld appear that ” Advocates C?zanne Visser and Dirk Prinsloo are not an account any added and, forth with the break-up, her apprehension altitude has been bargain by several sizes. “Apparently, Visser had her breasts bargain for medical affidavit and because “she is no best beneath Dirk’s influence”. Yet some two years later, in hospital with anyone calmly demography notes, she was afraid that he’d corruption her, all the way from Russia?

She told of a time while she and Prinsloo were active in Mpumalanga if she “pushed a assistant into herself to access Prinsloo’s forgiveness”. He did not ask her to do so, she did it because she anticipation he would like it. This is added like a sad boyish drove than coercion. She afterwards said he threatened to annihilate her and her mother, if she didn’t angle by him during their sex trial. But this was connected afterwards the aeon in which she is said to accept developed BWS.

She hasn’t declared what we would about alarm abuse, but has decided, searching back, that her adventures were abusive. She said: “It was not accustomed for me at all to be apparent to such things. I attention it as abuse. There was actually no respect, amore or adulation from him”. This is attendant estimation of abuse. Lack of respect, amore or adulation is a lot of unfortunate, but doesn’t in itself bulk to abuse.

Skilled at persuasion

Clearly, Prinsloo was appreciably accomplished at persuading humans to do what he wanted, even humans who definitively were not apprenticed in any accustomed faculty of the word, and who actually did not accept BWS. For instance, their above secretary, obediently went to accept her clandestine locations waxed to amuse him, and showed him the result, yet she calmly banned to accept sex with him admitting getting asked, and he accustomed such refusals.

It’s odd (and significant) how added women were aswell accommodating to appoint in sex play to amuse Prinsloo, afterwards accusatory or advertisement him. Visser and the secretary airish naked while he took pictures, again dressed and connected with the day’s work. Even Visser’s mother behaved actually peculiarly.

She’s declared as getting ashamed on an break if Visser performed articulate sex on Prinsloo in the foreground of the car – and responded by lying down on the aback bench with a covering over her head! She may accept been drugged, falling acutely comatose afterwards he gave her a drink, and alive naked – allegedly afterwards analytic what happened, and afterwards laying accuse admitting signs suggesting he may accept had sex with her afterwards her consent. Yet there’s been no affirmation that this abnormally adjustable mother had BWS.

The factors in her beforehand action which Dr Scholtz seems to accede cogent in answer the appropriate brainy accompaniment she claims, are so actual accustomed that there have to be an astronomic amount of proto-brain-washees out there, simple to catechumen into sex slaves.

Altogether, a lot of abstruse testimony, which will conceivably be bigger explained during cross-examination.

(Professor M.A. Simpson, aka CyberShrink, March 2009)


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