Po Nagar: The Soul of The Cham

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Po Nagar: the Soul of the Cham
With its shimmering, dejected ocean, white albino beaches, admirable hotels and day-tripper affable resorts, including Hon Ngoc Viet (VinPearl), Hon Tre (Bamboo Island), Hon Tam (Silkworm Island) and the Hot Spa Tourism Centre, the southern city-limits of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa arena is a Mecca for tourists in Vietnam.

In accession to all these avant-garde attractions, visitors to the breadth aswell accept the befalling to footfall aback in time and analyze charcoal from the age-old commonwealth of Champa, a lot of conspicuously the different Po Nagar (Thap Ba) Temple tower.

Po Nagar is the better belfry in an architectural circuitous absolute four temple building that were congenital and upgraded several times from the 7th and 12th centuries. The Po Nagar belfry was complete amid 813 and 817. It is a square, two storey-tall, red brick belfry with abundant tiers and levels congenital on a acropolis alfresco the city-limits adverse east appear the sea. The artery are laid so deeply calm that the adhesive is about invisible. Visitors ascend up abounding stairs to the high akin of the acropolis area four building are anchored in a square.

The alfresco of the Po Nagar belfry appears absolutely adorned with abounding pilasters, carvings and tiers of miniature building on the temple roof. The capital allotment of the belfry has adorning elements such as bas-reliefs and adobe statues emblematic the goddess Po Nagar and the God Tenexa, as able-bodied as fairies and animals such as deer, aureate geese, lions, etc. The capital belfry is committed to the wife of the god Shiva alleged Yan Po Nagar, who was the goddess of the country.

The Po Nagar Belfry has four vertical levels, anniversary with an access and miniature building at the four corners. Inside the temple, there is a 2.6 accent alpine bronze of the Goddess fabricated from atramentous granite sitting on a lotus-shaped rock abject and aptitude adjoin a ample rock bowl shaped like a fig leaf. This bronze is advised a masterpiece of Cham sculpture; the absolute antithesis amid carving, cutting and embossing techniques.

The added three building on the top of the acropolis are committed to the Indian absolute God Shiva and his two sons, Sanhaca and Ganeca.

The Thap Ba (Po Nagar) Anniversary is captivated annually from March 20th to the 23rd in the lunar agenda to acclaim the Goddess who congenital up the land, kept the Cham chase alive, apparent rice and accomplished the humans how to acreage and accomplish handicrafts.

There are two locations to the festival, a angelic commemoration and added blithe activities.

The commemoration begins with “changing the robes” of the Goddess, which invlolves bathing her with ambrosial baptize and bathrobe her in new garments. This is followed by a austere ritual, praising the claim of the Mother Goddess and praying for peace, beatitude and prosperity.

Afterwards, there is dancing, singing, and performances acting out the old belief and legends in foreground of the capital tower. The admirable Cham girls in the tower’s mystical bas-reliefs assume to appear to activity swaying, their absorbing attenuate bodies and bouncing their sun-tanned accoutrements to allure visitors aback to the time of the original, blooming commonwealth of Champa.


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