Economical Electric Bike

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1, because the manufacturing, transportion, storage requires a certain time, a new electric bike’s battery need charge first before use.

As for the times of charging, it depends on the rest of the battery power, generally charging 2 hours is enough, don’t believe in others’s words about charging too long, because you charge maybe not the first time,the manufacturer or dealer may charged a few times (others in the store may also charged). (* ^ ^ (*)……

2, a charging time need about 5-10 hours. When the light turns red to green, it shows the battery charged well,then if time allows, it is better that we should continue to charge  1-1.5 hours more, in order to make the battery more energy. But charging time can not be more than 12 hours, it will cause the battery damaged. Overcharge cause damage to the battery, will not belong warranty scope.

3, it is forbidden that make the charger connested in the ac power without charging

4, every one to two weeks, do a battery maintenance, it means when lights turns to gree,keep to charger 1-1.5 hours more to extend the battery life.

5,the remaining power should be below 20% before charging at the first several time, As usual  70%-80% charging remaining power is also just OK..

to ensure safety, the electric switch should be opened when ridding it, it should be turned off when parking or implementation

In case of turning the speed regulation, to create vehicle accidents suddenly.

Do not use the brake and turn the speed at the same time, because the brake have chain function, let the electricity Stop working; The motor is open to continue to move,that can cause overload and damage to the electric battery..

Avoid using an Umbrella when driving in a rainy day,when wearing a raincoat,pay attention to it in order to avoid the coat floated by the wind,it will prevent our sight.

  • Pushed it lightly when Up and down steps, avoid damaging the electric bike’s parts.keep the battery away from water, especially in a rainy day.

Charging it in time,nowdays,most electir bike battery is lead-acid batteries,No memory effects. Keep the battery with maximum capacity,avoiding discharging too much, so it can extend the battery’s life.

Donot park it in sun exposure and in the heavy rain.

Electric bicycle is loved by many people by its green environmental protection, economic convenient features, It plays a positive role in the traffic jam,and alleviate the energy crisis,


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