Being Trustworthy is The Main Pillars of Marketing Success in The World

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No one wants to entrust the project, the choice, to entrust their pets to people or companies that he can not believe it. So it can be trusted to be the main pillar in building a long relationship in the marketing world.

How does marketing for beginners who want to build relationships with potential customers to deliver a message to potential customers in order to be able to trust him or not wrong if it chose him to be a reliable business partner.

You can start by paying attention to events of your own experience, as if you never speak or deal with a salesperson who has won the attention of your own or beliefs, about what are the criteria that made you decide to choose him as a partner you trust? Several times I met with the seller, I also see a variety of “tricks of the trade”, the little things that most often violated by the salesperson to be successful in the short term. The problem is that many are using “tricks of the trade” that prevents one important goal: to continue to transmit and amplify the message “that you believe is a good decision”.

I know a dealer salesman of household appliances that use a “trick” as it is to get people to come keruang sitting. He opened the phone book, and said, “good afternoon Mr Blake, I am firm in the city dealers xyz xyz The father’s father had just won the lottery from us!. Please come and take a prize at our office.” I never actually said that he wanted him to come take a two-item presents a bottle of shampoo and one for use at home as new equipment. (Actually there is no lottery, shampoo bottles given to every person who enters the door.)

The same salesperson will contact someone at random and said that he had found the purse, “just to attract attention”, then say that the real intention. To what extent do you believe such an approach?

I’m not trying to be rude to them that sell home appliances or cars for a living. Some of the most effective salespeople know that once sold used cars, and I’m trying to say something in a used car salesman, and began with: “Hey, you won the lottery”, he used a trick cheap trick. It seems not just a coincidence that he was selling cars with cheap quality as well. Word spread quickly things like this.

If you sell household appliances, household appliances talking about, if you sell the car and then talk about the car, talking about why it makes sense for them to just trust you and buy what you offer.

Be wary of “tricks of the trade” if the cost of “credibility” you, it means that the trick was too expensive. To be credible, you have to deserve credibility. Too many salespeople are so focused on what they have learned to look for a decent reliable. Not the case! You must develop a reputation as someone who fully comply with any word or syllable that comes out of your mouth.

It can begin with a call at 10:00, not 9:56 or 10:04, if the tone that you will be calling at that hour. Some sellers take these principles and see it as a nuisance, others exude the image of professionalism required to demonstrate reliability and consistency as a personal characteristic.

If you think that the “little things” do not have the persuasive power of the real, I do not agree with you. Soawal your relationship with the prospect of a person, just a small detail that he has. Give pledge to the sky, and you will be similar to other sellers. Say you are now ready to send offers via e-mail or fax machine within five minutes, guaranteed to fully meet all specifications of this prospect, then do it, and you will be one in a million.

Relationships built on trust, and trust is built on the basis of all types of evidence. This does not mean that you have to show that you are degrading yourself-it will produce the opposite effect you want.

Show that you never fail to be reliable in all things, big and small, and make it a habit to deliver what you promised (better yet, if more than what you promise, with a record of the focus and not excessive). You will definitely win the trust and the success of sales as a result.


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