How to Get Traffic From Twitter And Facebook

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Facebook and Twitter are two social networking sites that together cater to over a billion people. These social networking sites can be harnessed to drive traffic to your blog as well as for retail marketing.

Presently the potential of these two networking sites is not fully exploited, but people are getting into the thick of things and are realizing that both these sites have immense potential to not only drive traffic to your site, but also as a fillip to retail marketing of goods and services.

facebook and twitter traffic How to Get Traffic from Twitter and Facebook

Here are a few simple steps that will set you on the road to these aspects of twitter and Facebook.

Becoming a Member

Obviously it must be understood that to drive a potential advantage from these social networking sites, you must be a member. Hence, this is the first step and you need to follow-up by logging on to twitter and Facebook and filling the necessary questionnaire and become a member. Now you are on your way and a prudent and realistic approach will see that you can use these sites to your advantage.

Remember on twitter it boils down to creating site for your business, but this also means creating an individual page for you and your associates. Generally it is seen that people tend to follow individuals then a logo or a bland business page.

Facebook is a little different and it means creating page for your business or retail establishment like a restaurant or a shop. You will have to link this with your individual page for it to be effective.

Build Up Fan Base

The next step is building up a following. This is important as otherwise you won’t be able to drive any traffic in case you have no following. You will also have to decide the geographical limits of your retail establishment. As an example in case you own a restaurant in Boston, you will like to market it to members say within a radius of about 10-15 miles of your establishment. There is no point in trying to market it to a place nearly a hundred miles away or beyond.

Thus you must make use of the advanced search and narrow down your clientele to people living in the vicinity of your restaurant. In case you have special brunch going, then put it out to your clientele and you are on your way. If it’s a site or blog that you want your traffic to be channelized, then create a niche blog and link it to your profile on Facebook and twitter and traffic will start accruing to your blog.

Create Content

The next point is to create content. Remember unless you have interesting content that appeals to viewers, your attempts to market your blog or retail establishment will fall flat. The adage ‘content is King’ holds true for both face book and twitter. One excellent method is to prioritize your following on face book and twitter. You could put on-line special discount coupons which your followers could print and bring with them and thus drive you to better sales.

In fact the activities to drive greater traffic to your blog or retail establishment are endless. All you need is a fertile imagination and a feel of the pulse of the people, who interact with you and you can’t go wrong.


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