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Folding bike has many advantages,such as: small volume, light weight, convenient to move, put in the small car trunk and so on.

For these advantages ,electric bike becomes more and more popular and is accecped by more people.I think there may be three reasos for buying it.

  1. used to go for work instead of walking .

  2. used to do exercise when at rest

  3. Reduce traffic pressure

There is more and more cars all over the world, sometimes because of the traffic jam ,our cars can not move,at that time we can ride our electric bike. Or do not have enough parkings,we can park our cars for a long distance,than ride electric bike to where you want go!we can get a new sight ,so buy a folding bike is necessary.

Folding bike has many advantages,such as: small volume, light weight, convenient to move, put in the small car trunk and so on.

Ride easily:electric bike’s handle and cushion can be adjusted freely without any tools, Not only men and women, but also young and old can ride it,. Bigger wheels, at the same frequency, speed can be more faster than the big wheel bicycles’s, because the weight is less than tne normal bikes, it can be rided more easier.

Fold easily: fold and unfold only ten (10) seconds.

Keep easily: small size, convenient collection, appearance beautiful, can be used as decoration.

Use easily: leisure, sports are appropriate, also can be makes as a gift, placed after the car trunk, can enjoy the convenience of cars, and have the pleasure of riding in nature.

Carry easily: lighter than general bicycle, Carry easily to the upstairs, the elevator, the bus and subway, electric bike is a public transportation the best partner.

Electric bike’s battery maintenance

(1) the battery should be fixed firmly in the electric bicycle ,in case of battery damaged.

(2)clean dust frequently, keep the battery dry, clean, in case that the battery discharges by itself.

(3) don’t let the battery get close to high temperature heat source. Keep the battery awary from the sunshine in High temperature season (especially in summer). Charge should have a good ventilation.

(4) when electric bike is activated, we should start with foot power, in order to avoid excessive discharge and damage to the battery; When Riding, must pay attention to protect it, can’t let the battery discharge,the life will become short if the battery can not keep well.

(5) large loading forelectric bicycle , will inevitably lead to the increase the electric current, cause more discharge, so keep oneself ridding it is good for your electric bike.

(6) the battery can be charged after use, keeping have enough electric for next travel. The battery should be enough when not in use after power storage, at least 3 months charging one time, keep the battery away from irreversible sulfuric acid salinization.

(7) If battery burst, electricity fluid leakage,it should be replaced batteries, in cause  of acid corrosion.

(8) electrolyte is bad for our health, please do not touch on the skin and clothes, es splashing into eye. In case of the above situation, flush with water immediately, and go to hospital for treatment.


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