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Many people love to brag about all the different travel destinations that they have visited during their lifetime. I guess travel can really be fun and interesting for some people. I myself enjoy it to some extent. However, I would not just travel for the sake of traveling. I know how to enjoy myself right where I am. I am not against throwing a nice little party in my own home either. Lets face it, in this economy a staycation could be the best vacation ever. It is so much easier on the wallet and lets be honest there is just no place like home.

I am a homebody by nature and I enjoy the comforts that I have creatived for myself in my own home. I love that I can relax and let my hair down and just be myself. I do not have to be fake nice to people I do not like and I certainly do not have to wear makeup or mind my manners. Home is where the heart is for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and explore new destinations. Well, as long as it is comfortable enough and not life threatening. However, as much as people love to make a big deal about plane travel, to be honest every plane trip that I have ever taken was pretty miserable. Unfortunately, I believe that it will take our society at least another one hundred years to really make plane travel comfortable and humane for all passengers involved. It will take time until there is a special section for the parents with children, elderly, and disabled passengers. It will take an even longer time to establish accomodation restrooms and enough room to part your legs. It will also take time to develop better air conditioning, seats, and food menu. Lets not forget about the behavior of the stewardesses and the pilot. Those people really have to be retrained sometimes in customer service and just general etiquette as far as dealing with customers.

Being that plane travel is not very advanced, I generally prefer to keep my feet on the ground. Unless I absolutely have to travel some place or I have a beautyful site to see, I am not in a hurry to get inside a plane. Yes, supposedly statistically planes do not crash as often as other methods of transportation. However, when tragedy strikes, it is usually deadly and people get tortured a lot. I mean lets face it we do not hear too often about train crashes, but plane crashes happen all the time. I would rather go to a local beach. I live in the United States of America. We have pretty much seen everything and everyone from everywhere. This is truly the best country in the world.


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