How To Make Some Extra Money Online

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There are several different ways to make money online, but with so many scams around nowadays, it’s hard to know which sites you can trust. Below are a few sites that can help you to make a few extra pounds/dollars or whatever your currency.

A paid to post site, pays its users for creating and replying to discussions.

You earn more money the more responses your discussion gets. You can add friends to your list and they will usually participate in your discussions, and in turn you participate in theirs. There are lots of subjects to choose from, simply add them to your “interests lists” and click the “start a new discussion tab” Payment is via paypal and will be sent to you once your account reaches $10. You can then set it at a higher level if you wish.


Easy to navigate, simply type in the name of the product you wish to review, click on the “reviews” tab and then click “write your review”.

Your review needs to be over 150 words, this is much easier to do than some other sites that insist on a 400 word minimum. All reviews of Dooyoo in the UK, must be in English.

You get 500 Dooyoo miles per premium (over 150 words) review that you write. These can later be exchanged (when you have earned enough) for a donation to charity: 5000 Dooyoo miles, an voucher: 10,000 Dooyoo miles, or a cheque: 50,000 Dooyoo miles. This may sound like a lot but it can be done so quickly, I earned 20,000 Dooyoo miles on there in just two months. Every time someone reads your review, you get 15 Dooyoo miles, 30 Dooyoo miles are worth 3p.

If you choose the gift certificate, you will receive the code for it via email, the same day, or early the next day. It can be redeemed straightaway.

If you can wait for the cash, then a cheque will be sent to you within 72 hours. This option is only available to UK residents; other users will receive their Amazon voucher codes.

Associated Content.

Another site that pays users for their content. If you live in the USA, you can submit your articles for one time upfront payments. However, if you live elsewhere then only the pay per view option is available. The payment is lower than Bukisa, but there is a huge audience on AC so it wont take you long to reach your payment target at all.


A site that pays only for writing, this must be good quality writing in English, you can submit your articles on the site for a pay per view basis, or you can choose from some market place titles that offer a one off payment if your article is chosen. If your article is not chosen, it will be put on the site for pay per view.

You can also enter some of the sites many contests in the hopes of winning the cash prizes.


Another content site, this site works alongside google adsense, it splits the revenue 50/50 with the content publisher (you). You earn money when people click on the google ads in your article.


A pay per view based site again, you can upload articles or pictures and you get paid when people view your content.


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