One great idea to eliminate teen laziness

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We all know that teens these days are interested in what there friends have to say rather than the material that the teacher is teaching. Teens too LAZY to take notes. Too LAZY to remember what the teacher said. I have a solution. CELL PHONES. most of the teens in high shool have them and it drives teachers crazy. students texting in class not paying attention to what teachers say.why dont we use cell phones to our advantage rather than take them away? lets face it students remember everything they text on their cell phones why not take advantage of that. cell phones nowadays have a tool where you can take notes. why not incorporate it with school?
think about it! students texting notes rather than writing them down its a no brainer save time and paper. And you can open notes you have already taken to study ANYtime you want its like taking your notes with you every where you go teens take their cell phones with them everywhere they go now they can study their notes.Plus teens preety much remember every thing they text it helps the student and the teacher everybody benifits students get to use their phones to their advantage teacher prepares student for test.The future of technology is at stake help the students retain all the knowledge high school requires nowadays make it easier for everybody. Who would ever think cell phones could be used to take education to the next level. Act now this info is dying to get out to the public!!!


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