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  • Do not skip meals

                      Eat Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on time. but do not go beyond 8 pm on eating dinner because the metabolism will be slower.

  • Water is a must!

                      You should drink water at least 8 glasses of water a day or more. It can help you sweat more easily. It can also help digest your food easily.

  • Excercise!

                     Of course!We should not forget to exert effort to loose weight. Jogging is the Bestfriend for loosing weight. for 30 minutes or less jogging, it may burn fats and calories. But of course if you cannot jog anymore, you may stop at any time and walk instead. walking can also help to burn fats and calories.

  • Vices

                    Vices can be a big hindrance in loosing weight.

  • Food

                   Eating on a fast food chain EVERYDAY can make you fatter and gain weight.

  • Motivation

                 Boost yourself and motivate to excercise.

  • Do not forget all of these
  • Lastly,

             Enjoy what you are doing while you are on a diet. and do not forget to give yourself a treat “sometimes”

            ice cream, fries etc. (comfort food. but be moderate)

These instructions may help you to loose weight especially when you sooo curious on your weight.Follow these instructions. Do not hesitate to exert your effort to loose weight and go get yourself busy on loosing weight. It can make you feel better. can make you feel light and can make you and your partner healthy. It can also boost your confidence and will make you feel good as you walk the streets and everyone sees you 🙂


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